You Know You’re A Military Wife When…

by Heather on July 16, 2015

military wife

You Know You’re A Military Wife When…

You know you’re a military wife when…

~You have model military airplanes, ships, or other military figures all around the house.

~Your walls have huge displays of artwork of, again, planes, ships, or military cities like Annapolis, all over the house.

~When your husband leaves for two weeks, you call it a “quick trip.”

~You’ve given birth without your hubby there.

~You’ve PCS’d without hubby there.

~You know what PCS, FCF, CMC, Det., and a whole host of other acronyms mean.

~When hubby says he has the weekend “off,” you know it might mean he’ll get called in to work.

~You buy cute but cheap furniture because you know it might break in the next move.

~You’ve moved almost as many times as years you’ve been married.

~You’ve lived in the same place as your spouse for 3/4 (or less) of your married life. The other 1/4 was during deployments, training, workups or detachments.

~Your kids have friends in multiple states.

~You see your extended family more on FaceTime than you do in real life.

~You care who wins the Army Navy football game.

~You spend more time than the average person on social media, because your besties are all far away.

~You get incredible angry whenever anyone talks crap about active duty military personnel.

~You have at least one Americana room in the house.

~You have a piece of clothing with the American flag on it.

~You’ve thought about getting rid of the dog, because she’s too much to handle during deployment with the kids, on top of everything. But, you can’t get rid of the dog because… deployment. Who else will be your buddy and also scare away the robbers?

~You tear up when the Star Spangled Banner plays at sporting events.

~You watch homecoming videos over and over, even though they make you bawl every time.

What other ways do you know you’re a military wife?

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military wife

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