HappyFitNavyWife’s Top 20 Military Life Posts from 2015

by Heather on January 4, 2016

military life posts

Hi! Today I’m sharing the top 20 most popular posts of the year on the blog — the ones loved by all you wonderful readers who chose to visit me here!

A lot happens in a year. When you think back on 2015, what do you think of? Is there an event or theme that comes to the surface?

I was glad to leave 2015 behind. We had a lot of personal challenges, ones that I hope to never repeat.

In some respects those events marked the year in a negative way. But when I take the time to reflect, I remember that we had many wonderful moments worth remembering.

One thing I’m proud of is that I got way more consistent with blogging and even starting making some money doing it (amazing!). My site went from 1500 monthly unique visitors to averaging almost 11,000 uniques per month, and I’m so grateful for everyone who stopped by and took a moment to read!

Below you’ll find the top 20 most popular articles from this year– our chance to remember together what helped you the most and what you loved. And if you missed any, maybe you’ll find a new one that encourages you or helps you in some way!

Knowing what you enjoyed really helps me as I plan out posts for the coming year. My goal is to serve you and encourage you as we walk out this journey as a military spouses/significant others. We gotta stick together!

So, without further ado…

HappyFitNavyWife’s Top 20 Military Life Posts from 2015

celebrate during deployment

20- 10 Things To Celebrate During Deployment

19- Care Packages 101- Five Steps To Create An Awesome Care Package

18- 5 PCS Tips: Moving Advice and Planning For Your First Navy Move

17- 4 Good Things About Deployment: Finding The Silver Lining

16- Military Homecoming Preparation: Ease Stress With 3 Helpful Tips

This next one is not a post, it’s my ebook… but it’s popularity sticks it right in this spot –> The New Military Wife’s Guide To Deployment <–

guide to deployment

Instant Download! “The New Military Wife’s Guide To Deployment” ebook!

15- The Time I Made Air-Popped Popcorn And Bugs Came Out Instead. For Reals
(ok this one is not exactly military life, but it’s funny =)

14- Tricare Prime or Tricare Standard?

13- 5 Things You MUST Know To Survive Deployment

12- Tricare Standard vs Prime: 8 Benefits Of 80% Coverage

navy ship homecoming

11- Navy Ship Homecoming 101: What REALLY Happens On The Pier

10- Why The Planned Parenthood Videos Were A Slap In My Face
(This one is more personal than military life but it was close to my heart and a lot of people read it)

9- The Best Way To Send Cookies In A Military Care Package

8- Military Care Package Ideas- A Collection Of Suggestions And Tips

7- 9 Hidden Military Facebook Groups For Support

6- Marrying Into The Military: 4 Things I Did Not Expect

This is my extremely popular free download, fitting right between numbers 5 & 6 –> Top 10 Military Homecoming Do’s & Don’ts List <–

5- Tricare Military Insurance: 6 Surprising Facts New Spouses Desperately Need

4- Tricare Standard vs Prime: Standard’s Benefits and Why I Left Prime

3- Care Packages For Navy Sailors- Ideas For Encouraging Your Man

2- Life As A Navy Wife: The Fact Is, They Call Me Dependent

cheap care package ideas


1- 16 Cheap Care Package Ideas That Fit In A Large Envelope


Which one was your favorite? Let me know below in the comments!


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