Start Here: Welcome to HappyFitNavyWife!

Welcome to HappyFitNavyWife!

I’m Heather Goffrier, and I’m so glad you stopped by. Start here to get the most out of my blog and all the resources available to you!

1. First of all, who did I create this blog for?

  • Any military wife, girlfriend, fiance’… new spouse or seasoned spouse, of any branch in the military– this is for you! I’m here to share my experiences as a Navy wife and hopefully encourage you on your journey.
  • Any moms, especially of toddlers. Whether you’re military or not, I hope you’ll find camaraderie here as I share my adventures in parenting my 2 year old daughter, and what I’m learning along the way.
  • (Men you’re welcome here too, just know that I don’t have a clue about being a husband or father LOL… so I share what I know: being a wife & mom. Stick around and I hope I can be of encouragement to you too!)
  • I’m here for you, so please let me know how I can help you! You can do that through my contact page or through social media…

2. Connect With Me

I share different stories, tips and inspiration on a few different social media channels, as well as the blog. I don’t want you to miss a thing, especially if it could mean you read a post you needed to read that day, hear an encouraging word, or even enter a giveaway (and win!). Also, I’d love to get to know you on whichever platforms you use the most.

So, please take a moment to follow me on these channels:

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3. Grab my Free Download

I have created a unique PDF document with some special tips. I know that deployment is one of the hardest parts of military life, so my goal is to help you have the best experience possible.

This download will help you avoid stress, gain encouragement, and get the inside scoop on homecoming. Take look and grab it for free!

Top 10 Military Homecoming Do’s & Don’ts List

4. “Military Spouse Basic Training” Series

military spouse basic training

Next, I invite you to continue your experience here at HappyFitNavy Wife with my series called Military Spouse Basic Training: 4 Steps To Knowing What You’re Doing.

In it I give you four steps to walk through in order to have a handle on the most important and significant issues we deal with as military spouses.

Topics include Insurance, Deployment, PCS Relocation, and Faith.

If you’re a new spouse, this information will be extremely helpful to get you started off on the right foot in military life. It will help you to not make some of the mistakes myself and others have made on our military spouse journeys. If you’re a more seasoned spouse, you can still pick up a tip here and there, so take a look!

Start the Military Spouse Training Series here


5. Get The Info You Are Looking For!

You’re ready to dive in! The bulk of all my articles can be found on under these two topics:

Military Life (deployment, PCS, care packages, Tricare, etc)
Mommy Life (Parenting, Infertility, Faith)

If you’re interested in either of those two topics, you’re in the right place. I have created a page for each of them, so your next step is to pick one and find your way to an article that answers your question or gives you inspiration.

As always, if you can’t find what you’re looking for or have a question, don’t hesitate to contact me on Facebook! I’m here to help.

Choose a Topic:
Military Life
Mommy Life


6. Get Deployment Support

I just created and released a new eBook called “The New Military Wife’s Guide To Deployment: How To Feel Positive, Motivated And Fulfilled During Your Time Apart.”

If you’re in a deployment (or preparing for one) and you’re looking for some deeper emotional support, personal stories that inspire, and some personal mentoring, definitely pick up a digital copy– it’s an instant download!

For more info, head over here

guide to deployment

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