Sponsoring A Child: The Best Money You Could Ever Spend

by Heather on March 17, 2014

sponsoring a child

Sponsoring A Child: The Best Money You Could Ever Spend


Military spouses, as a whole, love to give back. I know that I’ve volunteered for many things outside my normal duties as a wife, mom, and business owner, and I’m sure you have too. Somehow it’s just what we do. I will say though, that I can’t think of any more meaningful way that I’ve “given back” than by sponsoring a child with Compassion. It has been life-changing. And coming up this spring (or anytime), you have the opportunity to make that life-changing impact as well.

When I contrast my life with the life of a poor child in a developing country, I realize even more how much I do have. I could easily spend (and have spent) in a day at the mall what some poor families make in a month– or year. I don’t think going to the mall is at all bad. It just struck me that I could enjoy my blessings and also share some of those blessings with those who need it.

Sponsoring A Child

When I was single and working, I decided to sponsor a child with Compassion International. I selected an 11 year old girl from Indonesia because I figured most people sponsor the younger kids, and she needed a sponsor just as much. It was so neat to write back and forth with her. Her name was Marsala and she went by Lala. She called me “Mama Heather” even though I was only about 11 years older than her at the time– It was so cute!

It was amazing to think that my contribution every month provided her with the ability to go to school and get an education, eat healthy food, and have medicine when she was sick. It had a positive impact on her family as well. She was such a happy girl, and I was able to sponsor her all the way until she graduated from the Compassion program. I only wish I’d gotten to meet her.

sponsoring a child

Sponsoring Lala helped me to think outside myself. It helped me to appreciate how much I have and not get so easily bogged down in my own selfish wants and desires. I felt like at least a small portion of what I was given was being used for something incredible.

Lala graduated from the program around the time I got married. I am not in touch with her anymore, but I have the joy in my heart of knowing that I could help her get an education and escape the rut of poverty she had been in. Since Lala no longer needed a sponsor, my new hubby and I decided to sponsor a little boy together to continue blessing a child in poverty. We sponsored Pongtorn from Thailand. We got engaged in Thailand so it has a special place in our hearts. Pongtorn always draws us pictures and we hang them on our fridge. He is an active boy who loves playing with his friends. We love getting his letters!

Your Chance To Impact The World

If you are looking for a way to give back or to be involved in something extremely meaningful, I encourage you to consider sponsoring a child with Compassion. It will really impact you, and can also be a great way to encourage your children to think outside of themselves and reach out globally.

I am really passionate about orphans and about trying to help those in need. I just want to spread the word about Compassion, because even if you help one child, you can set off a domino effect that can impact the world.

If you’re curious about sponsoring, watch this 3 minute video below to learn more about Compassion’s work.

(click play)


Compassion Sunday 2014 – Long from Compassion International on Vimeo.

Learn more or Sponsor a child here.


sponsoring a child

Disclaimer: I was not asked by Compassion to write this and I did not receive any pay or gift of any type to write it. I wrote this because of my own desire to spread the word about child sponsorship.

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