Skin Cancer: My Reaction To Hubby’s Diagnosis

by Heather on November 10, 2014

skin cancer

Skin Cancer: My Reaction To Hubby’s Diagnosis

I Freaked Out In My Head

When the doctor called, he said it was skin cancer. My mind raced with so many thoughts: Will it spread? Will they be able to get it all? Will he have to go through chemo or radiation? Will I lose my husband to cancer?

It’s amazing how fast those thoughts come, even if they aren’t totally rational. I mean, I knew skin cancer wasn’t like liver cancer or a brain tumor. Not even close. But there’s something super scary about the C-word.

I Did Major Research (On Google Of Course)

Probably all doctors hate Google since many of us, myself included, like to diagnose ourselves with the worst possible scenario based solely on Google search. It wasn’t long before we learned that hubby’s cancer was basal cell carcinoma. In our Google research, we learned that basal cell is pretty much the best kind of skin cancer to get if you have to get any. It is extremely rare that it ever goes beyond it’s first location on the body, and usually only requires a minor (outpatient) surgery to remove.

So in this case, Google was confirmed by what the doctor said. Still, hubby had to have another surgery to make sure they got all the bad skin cancer cells.

I Prayed

It’s funny how we run to God when things are bad. I try to make it a practice to run to God in all situations– thanksgiving, praise, requests, and challenges. But there’s nothing like a trial to drop us to our knees.

I simply had to put my fears before the Lord. The cancer word brought up a lot of fears. On the other hand, knowing it was basal cell helped to relieve my fears and I knew that ultimately, the Great Physician (God) was in control of the situation. I certainly prayed for all to be well, but praying helped to put my heart into a state of trusting God no matter the outcome.

I Supported Hubby

I went with hubby to his appointment with the surgeon. This time we were dealing with an actual Navy Dermatologist, unlike before where he was just at his regular Navy doctor. This minor surgery took off a deeper section of cells and had them tested to make sure there was no skin cancer left. It involved some stitches and an inch-long scar on his shoulder. A week or so after the surgery, we learned that the cells were all clear. No more cancer! Thank you Lord! It was a huge relief.

Watch my video I recorded after my trip to the Dermatologist
(click play)

 I Got A Skin Cancer & Mole Screening At A Dermatologist

So as a result of all this, I went to the dermatologist. It was a normal “annual” skin screen, except for the fact that I hadn’t gotten once since high school! Oops!

I am very fair-skinned and did a decent amount of sun burning in my youth. I figured it was long overdue, and the good news is, Tricare covers skin cancer screenings*.

I had four moles they send back for biopsy. They were all on my back and I had never been able to keep a close eye on them, so it’s better that they’re gone now. I have two stitches that I’ll have to get out in a couple weeks. (They really itch!!!) Beyond that, I’m done unless something irregular comes back from the biopsy.

If anything comes back as “irregular” in the biopsy, I’ll have to go get a more invasive surgery similar to what my hubby had done. Let’s hope I don’t have any cancerous cells, or even the ones more likely to turn into cancer!

I’d appreciate any prayers you’d be willing to send up. And I encourage you to get your skin screened if you haven’t done it in a while!

Cheers to your health!

*Be sure to contact Tricare directly prior to scheduling an appointment, to determine if your screening will be covered based on your individual circumstances.

skin cancer

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