Why The Planned Parenthood Videos Were A Slap In My Face

by Heather on August 13, 2015

planned parenthood videos

Why The Planned Parenthood Videos Were A Slap In My Face

***Caution- this post contains graphic details about miscarriage and abortion***

It’s been quite a while since I’ve shared anything about our fertility journey with you.

[If you haven’t read my story yet, just to fill you in… hubby and i experienced an 11-week miscarriage on April 4, 2015. The baby progressed up until 8 weeks (we saw the heartbeat on the screen!), but we didn’t find out about the loss until my body finally started to miscarry at 11 weeks. It was my third miscarriage and the furthest along.]

You can read more about that journey here, but today I wanted to share my heart about value of an unborn child and why selling baby parts is an affront to those dealing with miscarriage.

Polar Opposites

We’ve been trying to figure out the best ways to move forward on the path to having our second child. We’re processing the loss of our little one and trying to find hope in each day.

In the middle of all this processing and dealing with the pain, out come the Planned Parenthood videos and the scandal surrounding them. Sorry to get into a touchy subject, but it’s a real slap in the face of someone struggling with fertility when unborn children are treated like a commodity to be sold. When I’m desperate to get (and stay) pregnant and people are throwing away (and selling) children, it’s so tragic. It makes me feel sick to my stomach.

And watching my two-year-old run around and giggle, and knowing what a miracle she is, it saddens me to see little ones discarded in such a way. Little ones who could turn into giggling two-year-olds like mine. One is viewed as a miracle and one as an opportunity to profit. Such a world of opposites, it baffles me.

planned parenthood videos

The Value Of The Unborn

**ok folks this is not for the faint of heart**

The week that I had my miscarriage included two traumatic trips to the ER. The first time they confirmed that I was losing the pregnancy and they told me to come in right away if I passed anything bigger than a walnut. Let’s just say, I went back.

After 4 hours of sitting in the lobby waiting to be seen, I finally got ahold of my OB who was able to see me instead. I’m so grateful for her– she helped me avoid a D&C and took great care of me.

The only reason I mention these details is because on the way home from the OB’s office, we stopped to get a drink from the mini-Nex (military exchange). While I was in there, I felt some cramping and went to the bathroom.

Sorry to be so indelicate… but I saw something that could have been the baby, down in the toilet. I’d been aware that I might see it, so I was looking. I panicked. In my heart I couldn’t treat my precious baby like waste. I had to know if it was my child, and if it was, I had no idea what I would do next but I was not going to flush it. I would do anything for my child, including sticking my hand into a nasty public toilet.

Thankfully, I was able to determine that it wasn’t the baby. Still it was incredibly traumatic on top of everything else that had happened over the course of those few days.

Contrast that with Planned Parenthood divvying up baby body parts, selling what’s profitable and tossing the rest … after ending the baby’s life, I might add.

The absolute lack of value that is given to that baby as a human life is staggering. It’s an affront to all those who have experienced miscarriage and wept through the days following…. mourning the loss of experiencing the pregnancy, bonding with baby in the womb (they recognize mom’s voice at birth!), of holding that sweet baby once they arrive, and of discovering all he or she could become.

My Heart To Those Considering Abortion 

Miscarriage is heart-wrenching and tragic. It’s messy and painful and awful. My heart just cannot take the sadness of such a loss multiplied by the hundreds of thousands lost each year to abortion through Planned Parenthood alone, and then selling parts on top of that.

And you know, people have hard times and they are desperate, and I don’t know each woman’s individual situation who considers an abortion. My point is not to bash people who are struggling.

My point is that I wish every pregnant mother considering abortion could borrow my heart for just a minute.

Take my desperation, take my love of my unborn babies. Take the feeling of what it’s like after they’re gone and how much it hurts, both physically and emotionally. Borrow my faith that the child within you has immeasurable value and could be a world-changer.

And receive this truth: your child is WANTED.

Even if she’s not wanted by you, she’s wanted by someone. It may be a rough road to get there. You may have obstacles. But if the only thing you’re ever able to do for your child is to carry him to term and give him up for adoption, you have given that baby the most incredible gift: a chance to live and be loved.

planned parenthood videos
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1 Shannon August 13, 2015 at 11:38 am


I know exactly what you mean — we lost a baby in December of 2013 at 14 weeks. It was traumatic and messy, and so very, very heartbreaking! Our baby girl had passed away at 12-13 weeks, and so tiny and perfect in her little embryonic sack. Fingers, toes, everything. I would have done anything to save my baby’s life, so to see babies regarded as disposable commodities is gut-wrenching to say the least. My hope is that the recent videos will awaken our nation’s consciousness to exactly what Planned Parenthood and abortion really are.

I am praying that the Lord will continue to heal your heart, and add another little one to your family soon!



2 Heather August 13, 2015 at 4:18 pm

Thank you so much for your prayers Shannon. I’m so sorry for your loss as well. It is definitely a tough road but it is encouraging to know it’s possible to have more beautiful children after such loss! Thanks for reading…BTW I didn’t know you had a blog too– love it!


3 Kathryn H. August 13, 2015 at 1:46 pm

Thank you for sharing this, Heather. What you said is so very important, and it is brave of you to write about this from your heart. I’m praying for you and your family in your grief and hope your experiences bring comfort, clarity, and strength to others.


4 Heather August 13, 2015 at 4:12 pm

Kathryn- thanks so much for your kind words and prayers. I greatly appreciate them! Thank you for reading my story =)


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