The Most Adorable Patriotic Flag DIY Craft Ever

by Anderson on December 17, 2015

patriotic flag diy

The Most Adorable Patriotic Flag DIY Craft Ever

I don’t consider myself “crafty” in the knitting, painting, creative arts type of way. I like doing craft projects every so often, but they have to be easy. And they can’t take a long period of time, or I’ll never finish them. So when I came across this awesome patriotic flag DIY, I immediately wanted to make it.

The instructions are super easy, and all you need is a glue gun, some ribbon and some twine. Ok and a tiny bit of fabric paint and a small brush. But that’s it.

I LOVE the way it turned out. In fact, I may be pumping out a few more for Christmas gifts. It’s such a trendy, stylish way to add some American flair without looking overly “Americana.”

patriotic flag diy

Simple. Elegant. Rustic. Now if I could just get more of my decor to match that theme I would love it even more!

Before I link you over to the directions for the patriotic flag diy, I’ll give you a few of my tips from  my experience making the flag. So here we go:

Trace on the denim before you cut it. I kind of winged this step and I ended up cutting more and more off before I got a fairly decent square. I rebelled from my OCD tendency and it might have been beneficial to be a bit more accurate. It turned out ok, but I was worried about shaving it down too much.

Measure double for the bows. The instructions say to measure 8″ for the bows. I could barely tie a knot with 8 inches. I like the knots, but that’s not what I was going for. Do 16-20 inches for the bows if you want an actual bow, or just tie a bow before cutting off your ribbon and you’ll be good.

patriotic flag diy

Get a small brush for the paint. I made a huge mistake by dropping a big glob of paint onto the denim. I thought I could just “draw” with the paint bottle I chose, but I needed something smaller. I didn’t have a brush so I used a wooden skewer. Not the greatest. It worked but for any future ones I’ll get brushes.

Be flexible with your ribbon selection. Honestly you could pick almost any white or brown ribbon and it would turn out cute. I had to go with what was available at Michael’s the day I went. If I had tried to exactly match the tutorial, I wouldn’t have found it so that would have made me crazy. Instead, I picked something close and I love how it turned out.

I used this patriotic flag diy tutorial from optimistic mommy.



patriotic flag diy

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1 Courtney Pies December 17, 2015 at 12:36 pm

You did an amazing job,Anderson! It looks beautiful! Thank you so much for linking back to my tutorial!


2 Anderson December 17, 2015 at 7:31 pm

Thanks Courtney! I appreciate your easy tutorial, it was such a fun project! Glad to connect with you =)


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