Parenting Toddlers: 20 Things That Drastically Change When You Become A Mom

by Heather on December 3, 2014

parenting toddlers

Parenting Toddlers: 20 Things That Drastically Change When You Become A Mom


Boy does life ever change when you have a kid. They always tell you it will. You know it will. But when it actually happens, it’s still kind of a shock.

I love being a mom. But there are days I miss that freedom of heading out to happy hour with girlfriends or just my man… or heck I’d really enjoy just not picking up food of the floor after every meal, or getting to walk through my house without tripping over baby gates constantly.

Being a mom is worth it but it definitely causes some major changes in daily life.

For example….

1- Cheese and crackers now qualifies as a meal. (I consider this a positive)

2- You only watch TV at night unless it’s a kids show

3- You’ve never been so productive during a two hour period than you are when your child naps

4- You have 100 times more mis-matched socks and it’s much harder to find them because they’re tiny

5- Meal times that used to be 20 minutes now last for hours.

6- It’s always snack time, especially if five minutes have passed since the last snack time. I’m not complaining here, as long as I get to eat too. Usually though I’m just roaming the cupboards for more kid food and I can only sneak in a few goldfish when the kid’s not looking.

7- You’re limited to half the storage space in your house because anything waist and below is susceptible to a toddler attack.

8- A PCS move was so “simple” before you had to worry about who is watching the child and keeping the house “baby proofed” while unpacking.

9- You start making notes for the next PCS like “only have round door handles in next house” and “make sure I can see children from the kitchen” instead of “do I like the paint color?” and “where will I my wine rack go?”

10- Dinner is now at 5:30 instead of 7:00.

11- You used to raise your eyebrows when parents brought their kids to a happy hour… but now you rejoice when there’s a kid-friendly happy hour… because the last time you got out of the house was like 3 years ago, and you’ll drag the kid along as long as you get a discounted mojito and a $4 burger.

12- You used to think you would never live in the same town as your folks, but now after watching your civilian friends getting all the free babysitting, it’s high on your list for where to settle after retirement.

13- Before kids, you had unlimited time to train the dog. Now, the dog will be “as-is” until the kids leave for college or until she moves on to doggy heaven.

14- You and your hubby used to have deep conversations all the time, but now you spend a lot of your conversation time talking about how “cute” your child is.

15- Before kids, you thought you were protective of your dog; but now you understand “Mama bear” on a whole new level.

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16- The fun of staying up late is countered by the risk of how early the baby will wake up the next morning.

17- Deployments are more difficult because you have so much more responsibility and half the energy.

18- Deployments are more fun because you have a little buddy (or two or three) to hang out with, which makes the time pass more quickly.

19- You used to choose a home at a new duty station based on what you want… now you choose based on schools and what’s best for the kids.

20- You used to think you would never go to your parent’s house for a whole deployment… now you go to your parent’s house for a whole for deployment… or at least seriously consider it.

What did I miss? Leave me a note in the comments below!


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