15 Reasons To LOVE Orders to the Pacific Northwest

by Heather on November 20, 2014


orders to the pacific northwest

15 Reasons To LOVE Orders to the Pacific Northwest


I’ve heard it so many times. “Ugh we have to go to the Pacific Northwest. I’d rather go anywhere but there.” And I admit, I was on the train that wanted Hawaii orders. But being an Oregonian by birth, and having spent most of my life in the Pacific Northwest, I have to say that there are many perks to life in the #pnw.

Here are 15 reasons to be happy, overjoyed, and ecstatic about getting orders to the Pacific Northwest:

1- Seven bases exist in the state which means a lot of military support including commissaries and exchanges. Most bases are in the greater Seattle area. And, it’s actually more than 7 physical locations because a couple of the bases are joint bases that were recently combined.

2- Make the quick 3-5 hour drive down to Oregon for some sales-tax-free shopping

3- Seattle, which has the stigma for “raining all the time”- gets 37.7 inches of precipitation annually. That’s less rain than all the following cities: Virginia Beach, VA 46.5 in, Jacksonville, FL 52.4 in, New York, NY 49.9 in, Hartford CT 45.9in

4- Prepare yourself for beautiful, incredible scenery

5- If you love beer, you’re headed to the right place. And more specifically, microbrews. Brew pubs are rampant in the PacNW. They typically have great ambiance are an awesome place to chill with friends or enjoy a sporting event.

6- Dig into amazing food at the never-ending list of tasty restaurants. Ya, the ones that serve fresh, local organic food straight from the farm fields to your plate. You. Will. Love. It.

7- Enjoy tons of state and national parks, with one of the most amazing being Crater Lake in Oregon

8- Pretty much in any direction, you can find delicious wineries. Some notable regions are east of the cascades in Washington’s Yakima Valley as well as south to Oregon’s Willamette Valley (pronounced wi-LAM-ette NOT WILL-a-met. And since we’re on the topic, Oregon is pronounced OR-gun NOT OR-ee-gone)

9- If you want to hit up Disneyland, you can take a quick 2-3 hr plane flight or drive about 14-19 hours down I-5, depending on your starting place.

10- Knappa and Sonoma wine country, San Francisco bay area, and Lake Tahoe are even closer and are SO fun to visit.

11- Head up to Canada and enjoy the friendly people and more amazing scenery. Visiting Whistler, BC is a can’t-miss trip.

12- If you have any love of the out-doors at all, you will be in HEAVEN. Climing, camping, hiking, biking, walking, skiing, sno-boarding, sno-mobiling, running, fishing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, racing, pretty much any out-doorsy thing you can think of can be done there.

13- You can get to so many climates and ecosystems within driving distance- beach, Pacific ocean, Puget sound, mountains and craters, snow & skiing, high desert heat…

14- Everyone is pretty keen on keeping the earth healthy by recycling and being responsible. It is so ingrained in me that when we moved here to Virginia and they don’t offer recycling in our neighborhood, I was completely shocked.

15- If you have any health issues with food such as gluten, dairy, etc, you can find tons of healthy food options both at grocery stores and restaurants.


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1 Amber June 1, 2015 at 12:07 pm

So glad I found this! We’re talking orders to the pacific northwest and I was feeling nervous but all of your points now have me feeling excited :). Thank you for this post!


2 Heather August 5, 2015 at 6:23 pm

I’m so glad! You’re welcome =)


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