Moving Preparation: 5 Tips For A Stress-Reducing Plan Of Action

by Heather on April 7, 2014

 moving preparation

Moving Preparation: 5 Tips For A Stress-Reducing Plan Of Action


It can be overwhelming to think about moving and all it entails, and sometimes all the details can get to me. It’s a good idea to have a plan of action as your move date rapidly approaches. Today I’ll share five moving preparation tips so you can keep stress at a minimum.

During the day I’m busy checking items off my list, making appointments and looking at housing listings. It feels like things are under control, though moving at a fast pace. But at night all the tension catches up and sometimes I can’t sleep. My mind races and I start worrying about all the details!

I tend to deal with anxiety in times of transition, so my goal is managing the stress and not pretending it’s not there and everything is fine. Because moving across the country is stressful! I focus on managing my stress in times like this, though it is a constant effort for me still.

Every new season brings new stressors and issues that can make me lose my cool if I’m not keeping a good perspective. Here are some strategies I’m currently using to help keep my stress level at a moderate level.

1-Utilize the Military Community

It’s important to call upon the knowledge of other military spouses and families who have done it many times before. Even though this is our fourth move, I still have much I can learn. And, we’re moving somewhere I’ve never been so I’m definitely taking advice from others familiar with the area.

moving preparationmoving preparation

I’ve been encouraged by how friendly and helpful the military community is. A lot of people who have lived in the Norfolk area are offering tips. I’ve also gotten a lot of insight from the Navy Officer Spouse’s Club Facebook group. I’m guessing that other branches may have similar pages for officer and enlisted spouses, but I don’t know. (I encourage you to start one if there isn’t because it is such a wealth of knowledge.) Spouses from all over the country and world ask questions and answer each other’s queries.

2- Tackle Projects And Get Rid Of Junk

We’re also finishing projects around the house so we can rent it out, and getting rid of junk. It’s crazy how much stuff can build up in a couple years. It’s good to get a bit of a head start on this, but there’s nothing like a deadline to motivate you! We have a good amount of boxes and piles to go through, so we’re starting that now. I can’t stress enough how important it is to get rid of your junk, particularly if you are moving countries. Now I know that not everyone will be doing this, but if you are that one person who has seen a property for sale in Australia quite to your liking for example, then just get rid of your stuff. You don’t want to be paying to have it taken over there when you really don’t need it. If you are struggling with the amount of stuff you do have and you don’t want to get rid of it, the you can easily buy cardboard boxes online to help you move your stuff if needs be.

3- Get Started On House-Hunting

So far we have connected with a realtor in Norfolk, (and she happens to be a Navy spouse). I recommend getting connected with a local who knows the area. In our previous moves one or both of us have gone house hunting. This time, we are just moving and then house-hunting when we arrive. It should be interesting!

We’re planning to stay on base somewhere and wait until the right thing pops up. At least that’s the plan as of now. If something perfect comes up before then, we may be tempted to jump on it. It’s a risk many have taken and I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. With three year orders, we’re leary of committing to something sight-unseen, but sometimes the best houses go fast!

4- Make A List Of People And Places

Hubby and I have started making a list of people and places we want to see before we move. We’ve put some dates on the calendar so we can be sure to hit that restaurant or visit those friends. Time flies so it helps to be intentional. By looking at the calendar, you know how full your schedule actually is, and it doesn’t feel so overwhelming.

5-Pray and Meditate on Truth

In case that sounds super transcendental, it’s not. I’m just trying to keep truth in the forefront of my mind and realize that God is in control of the big picture. Yesterday, one of my cousins sent me a facebook message. She reminded me of this verse in the bible: “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). It has been good to meditate on this (think about it a lot) and remember that some things are out of my control.

God is always in control and we can pray and ask Him for help. You can rest in that, even when you’re scurrying about trying to get stuff done. You heart can be at peace. For me the last few nights, when my mind starts to race I have tried to think about this phrase. I’ve been sleeping much better! =)

BONUS! Don’t Forget Visas

Now this one is only for those moving abroad but after talking to my friend who moved to the UK then I feel like it’s important to add as a bonus. If you are moving countries then ensure you have the correct visas and documents to stay there! My friend moved on something called a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa (not going to pretend what that means!) and has had to apply for an extension of Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa now too. This would have caught her out if she hadn’t had such good knowledge on visas.

Well these five tips (and bonus for you) are helping me to feel somewhat organized and less stressed. Try a few of them out and see if they help you! I’ll be keeping you up to date on all our moving craziness.

Have a fabulous week!


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