4 Easy Ways Moms Can Keep Track Of Everything + Giveaway (Sponsored)

by Heather on August 20, 2015

moms can keep track

4 Easy Ways Moms Can Keep Track Of Everything  + Giveaway (Sponsored)

There’s not much that irritates me more than when I can’t find something. I misplace things occasionally, but mostly its when others in my house move stuff without my knowing it and it disappears that I get crazy.

Luckily I’ve found these 4 easy ways moms can keep track of stuff, because I just can’t take it anymore!

AND StickerKid is offering an amazing giveaway to ensure that yes, moms can keep track of everything! (details below!)

I am not a neat freak, but somehow amidst the piles, I know where everything is. A few weeks ago, my credit card was missing (someone other than myself who shall not be named misplaced it), I couldn’t find a missing check, and all of a sudden my military ID was not in it’s normal place in my wallet. I about had a nervous break down.

As a military wife and mom, the last thing I need is the phrase “find XYZ” on my to-do list. If I have to spend time looking for something important that is nowhere to be found, my free “me” time is gone in a blink. Feel me?

So, I’ve learned to follow these tips to help keep my life sane and my stuff where it belongs:

4 Easy Ways Moms Can Keep Track Of Everything

1-Put things back in the same place every time. Do your keys have a “spot”? What about your purse? Do toys have a closet or cupboard? Do you keep the puzzle pieces together or let them get strewn about the house? This is huge because once you’re in the habit of putting something in its place, you will rarely lose that item. And if it’s missing, you know right it away.

2-If you borrow something, ensure that it gets back to the owner. Teach this to others in the family. (ahem) Sometimes this takes an extra statement such as, “PLEASE make sure this gets back to this spot.” This might take some repetition and training. Ultimately, you can only control yourself, though, so things will probably still get lost. To help prevent this…

3-Limit the items brought by children into daycare/church/school/friend’s house. I don’t know how many times we’ve left church and then stopped and said “wait did we get the bunny?” P wants to bring the ball and the chair and the dolly and the lion… so we pick one, maybe two things. Limit your losses people. And it’s really helpful to have labels on your stuff. Speaking of labels…

moms can keep track

4-Get labels from StickerKid and mark your stuff:

StickerKid makes durable, long lasting labels that can save you tons of time spent looking for lost stuff. If your child, spouse or (gasp!) you misplaced something, wouldn’t you like to get this phone call: “Oh hey (You), I found your XYZ Item.” Instant relief, even if you have to go out of your way to get it back.

You can personalize the stickers any way you’d like. You can be detailed (phone number etc) or vague (last name only) but each way will help you to some degree.

moms can keep track

I got the iron-on stickers and put my daughter’s first and last name on them. I ironed them onto tops, sweaters and pants (SO easy!). This way if we leave something, the ones who find it know it’s ours. I suppose if I had just gotten our last name, I could have used them on everyone’s clothes. I may do that next time.

If you or your kids are in public places frequently, such as public transit, you may need to put your phone number on the items. If you’re mostly in more familiar places such as school, work or a friend’s house, just a name should do.

I put the iron-on inside her shirt by the label, not on the outside so random people can’t walk up to her and know her name. That’s important!

StickerKid’s awesome features:

  • water resistant
  • dishwasher safe
  • microwave safe
  • washer dryer safe
  • fridge & freezer safe
  • made in the USA!

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moms can keep track

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1 Shannon August 21, 2015 at 4:24 pm

Great tips, Heather! It really is remarkable how much easier it is to keep track of stuff when it has a place. I’ve gotten better over the years, but there are still some things that don’t seem to have a consistent home!

I love the idea of the labels, too — I’m torn between clothing labels or regular old sticker (for everything from DVDs lent to friends, to books, etc.).



2 Heather August 24, 2015 at 9:16 pm

Thanks Shannon- I still have my piles too =) These iron-ons really peaked my interest, since P is starting to leave things around everywhere haha =) Thanks for your comment!


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