9 Things Mommies Of 2 Year Olds Have In Common

by Heather on July 20, 2015

mommies of 2 year olds

9 Things Mommies Of 2 Year Olds Have In Common

Ok, so we know that moms love their kids. We love ours, right? But sometimes, we find ourselves in confusion:

  • How can they be so cute and adorable, and the next minute turn into tyrannical destroyers of everything in the home?
  • How can they say “no milk!” and then drink the whole cup, or “yes please!” and then crumble on the floor in despair when they got what they wanted?

Mommies of 2 year olds, what gives? It’s the best and worst phase so far. I wouldn’t trade it, but I bet we all these 9 things in common…

1- When they’re awake, you’re constantly thinking, “how close is naptime/bedtime?”

2- When they’re in bed, they’re SOOO cute and you want to go cuddle them (but you don’t, because they might wake up. See previous)

3- You realize (too late) that they turn the terrible twos at 18 months

4- You really really want them to be potty trained… but you’re afraid to do it in case it goes bad and you spend the entire next year cleaning up accidents and doing damage control.

5- You’re waiting (in fear) for the day when you have to abandon your full grocery cart at the store to deal with your screaming toddler in the car. The horror stories other moms have told you indicate that it’ll happen sooner than later…

6- Some days you’re so tired you want to nap when they nap (because you kept meaning to do that since they were born but you haven’t yet). But if you do, you’ll miss your only precious “me time” of the day (or week), so you just stay sleep-deprived.

7- You keep meaning to go to bed early, but you don’t (See previous).

8- You want to tell everyone how cute they are because they just said “i like horse” or any other new phrase for the first time.

9- Those snuggles are the best moments of the day.

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mommies of 2 year olds

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1 Mckenna July 21, 2015 at 6:11 pm

These are all SO true! I’m totally dragging my feet on potty training right now for that very reason


2 Heather July 24, 2015 at 11:28 pm

eek my computer sent my original reply to spam and I just noticed! Sorry! I am not looking forward to potty training… there is never a good time! Maybe after our upcoming trip… lol. Or maybe I’ll keep putting it off =)


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