Straight Talk About Military Spouse Gifts, From MilSpouses

by Heather on December 7, 2015

military spouse gifts

Straight Talk About Military Spouse Gifts, From MilSpouses

Who better than to tell you what a military spouse would want for Christmas… than a military spouse? And I don’t just mean me. I’ve gathered up some amazing milspouses and asked them to give the straight talk on their favorite gifts. And I’m giving you that list in just a few paragraphs.

Whenever someone asks me what would be a good gift for me as a military wife, I draw a blank. The only thing I can think of was that one time I got my husband a Lol Smurfs account for his birthday, but that wasn’t for me, that was just for my husband. I can never think of anything in the moment, but there are always things I know I’d love to get. Sometimes there are things I don’t even know I’d love until someone mentions them. And then I’m like YES!!!

So I decided to make it easy for everyone like me with this handy list of awesome military spouse gifts, starting with my own fav:

-Getting A Massage- I absolutely love getting a massage as a gift. I rarely buy them for myself, but getting one as a gift is such a huge win. I think it’s the combo of relaxing environment, getting all my stresses massaged away, and the kid-free hour that makes it hit the spot for me.

-Watches- I absolutely love designer watches for women because I feel like they just complete any look and make you feel so much more sophisticated.

Ok and now on to my friends and their favorites!

-Stocking Stuffers- When my husband was away for Christmas one of the best gifts I ever got was one spouse group I ran surprised me with a bag of small gifts all wrapped and ready to put in my stocking so I didn’t have to buy my own gifts to stuff it myself on Christmas.

Home security system- Okay hear me out here. I understand it’s not ‘conventional’ for someone to get security cameras for Christmas, but you can’t tell me it won’t be more useful than most of the junk people get you for Christmas. It gets pretty lonely in this house sometimes, and that means it gets pretty scary too. Personally I’d love to receive this as a gift, but I can see why others wouldn’t. If you want to gift someone a home camera system, or if you want one for yourself, you may want to check out these home security cameras reviews to help get you started.

I never would have thought of that and it was so sweet! The best part was how much of it came from home businesses that the ladies ran. It turns out they had seen a post on my blog where I had shown how my kids had made crafts for my stocking when they realized their dad wasn’t there to buy presents for it.

So they took that idea and ran with it, it was the nicest thing! I wrote a post about how to support a spouse who’s doing Christmas alone after that, and included their idea because I think it’s such a cool little thing to do, to offer them a chance for a real surprise Christmas morning.
Kim from

A Berkey Water filter has been an amazing gift. No matter where We PCS we have access to clean, filtered, high quality water. And they offer a military discount. Pretty awesome.
Leslie from

-A gift card to Shutterfly! Getting pictures off your phone or computer is particularly wonderful during a separation.
Jo from

-I got a juicer! It may sound strange but I was getting more serious about fitness and healthy eating, and my boyfriend sent me a juicer. Even though he was in training, he had researched it for months and planned it out so it would arrive just in time. I thought it was very thoughtful!
Amanda from

military spouse gifts

-Something that makes awesome coffee shop quality, because a good cup of coffee can turn your day around.

Local goods from home that I can’t get here. Those gift baskets might seem cheesy while you are living at home, but when you move away they are the best gifts I’ve ever gotten.

But the biggest thing is just please, please, please come visit us. It’s the best gift you could give.
Kara from the

-My favorite gifts are the homemade ones that come from home. Last year, my parents and my sister had my one year old nephew paint me a picture on canvas. They taped off an “H” in the middle which was a nice touch since we had just gotten married. In the corner of the canvas, there are two black paw prints. My dog is currently living with them and the two paw prints were from her. It was such a great meaningful gift. It’s now hanging in my hallway.
Pam from

My favorite gift has been a crockpot. Silly as it sounds, this piece of equipment saves dinner several times a week and with my husband away, it takes one less strain off of being a solo parent. My crockpot also has clips on the top to help secure it for easy transport – perfect for squadron parties and feasts at my daughter’s school.
Kim from

Kitchen Cleaning- Some ladies from church came early one morning on my birthday with donuts and cleaned my kitchen. It was AMAZING.
Jennifer from

What’s the most meaningful gift you’ve received as a military spouse?

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1 Dean December 10, 2015 at 3:26 pm

These are all great. The reason I like these ideas is the majority of them all have some special thought behind them. They actually mean something to the person receiving them. I love that!


2 Heather December 10, 2015 at 9:21 pm

Thank you! I learned a lot from everyone who shared! Thanks for reading =)


3 Heather January 7, 2016 at 11:59 am

Thanks Dean!


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