Military House Hunting: Surviving The Challenges

by Heather on September 15, 2014

military house hunting

Military House Hunting: Surviving The Challenges

Regardless of when you go military house hunting, it is always a huge, challenging task, even if you go use a Real Estate Agent Directory. It can be extremely stressful, full of risk, and it makes you wonder if you’ll just have to live under a bridge after all. But I’m here to tell you that it’s all going to be ok in the end. I hope.

Military House Hunting Is Difficult

There’s just no way around it. House Hunting is tough! It has its fun moments, but it’s not like the show House Hunters where everything seems so easy and there are three decent options.

The people on that show always come off so picky and stubborn…. that is until my weekend of driving all over town trying to find something that fit our EXACT specifications. Oh and with my husband back on the West Coast. We aren’t like those couples right? I’m flexible… he’s understanding… no we don’t want to kill each other… ahhhhhh!

My house hunting weekend was kind of a disaster. I left Virginia thinking we had settled on a place. We’d put money down and everything. But that night we had second thoughts. When I got back to Washington, we pulled our app and (thankfully) got our money back. It was at least 6 weeks until we had nailed down a place, and that was only because our dear friend went and viewed a few houses for us.

The pressure to decide on a place is intense. It’s multiplied when one member of the couple is not present. And it doesn’t help when realtor and well-meaning friends are telling you “these places are going to go FAST!!!” Talk about a pit in the stomach.

Sight Unseen- The Biggest Risk Of Your Life

And if that doesn’t give you a pit in your stomach, signing for a house sight-unseen definitely will.

Sight-unseen is what spawned my house hunting trip in the first place. We were uber-close to signing a 3-year lease on a place sight unseen. Then I almost had a heart attack, and hubby said I had to go see the place. I did not want to go, but I knew it was the best thing so off I went, child in tow. (Luckily Grammy met us there to help with the baby! Phew!)

And thank goodness I went, because we didn’t want that particular house. But it still felt kind of like a waste because we didn’t find anything else. Oh, that and the fact that the baby didn’t sleep at night for the whole trip. We were all zombies by the end.

Plans Fail And Plans Change

Our original plan was to move out here, then find a place. Then we decided that we couldn’t imagine ourselves living in the Navy Lodge for months with a large dog and a one year old. So we found a townhouse, had a friend view it, and signed a one-year lease… sort of sight unseen.

Upon arrival, everything is what we expected. We aren’t miserable or roach-infested. But we decided that in a year we’ll move onto base. Yep, after all that, we’re moving again.

This was a huge disappointment and hard for me to get over. With three-year shore duty orders, I was really hoping not to move during this tour. However, it seems like the best option and solution to a few things we don’t love about our place. And the base housing looks amazing.

Counting Our Blessings

I can’t complain about the place we have now. It’s very safe, it’s cute, and the neighbors are nice. We just realized that we’d prefer not to live in a town house, and we’d prefer a larger yard for our kiddo and pooch (Larger than 4’x4′).

AND (huge score) the Navy will be moving us since we applied for base housing within 30 days of arrival! That is the best news ever. So I’ll have to deal with more boxes and paper, but we won’t have to move ourselves!!!!! (Happy dance!!!)

Through it all, I did have some time to reflect. I embraced the thought that we are super-blessed and I don’t hate our place at all– it’s nice! I am so thankful for all that we have and that we aren’t out on the street or living in a box somewhere. So many people in this world have it WAY worse than anything I have ever lived in.

Now to make a house a home…. for the next 8 or 9 months… with half of our belongings in the garage aka “storage unit.” If only I could find those picture frames….. 😉 We’ll get settled eventually! We had also looked at getting some storage units to store the extra stuff.

Hugs to all of you moving now or soon! It’s a real treat haha. But it wouldn’t be the Navy life without it!


PS- for more of my househunting story, check out this post: 5 Lessons I re-learned while house hunting

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