Military Deployment Reintegration: Oh The Joys!

by Heather on December 12, 2013

military deployment reintegration

Military Deployment Reintegration: Oh The Joys!


Well I barely feel like I have time to write a sentence.

(Literally, after I wrote that sentence, I got up, changed a diaper, put P down for a nap, and took a lunch order from hubby. On to the next sentence. =)

I never used to have to worry about whether or not I got out of my pj’s if I wasn’t going anywhere. Now, hubby is coming home from work early. Which is awesome! But suddenly I’m stressed because I haven’t had my shower yet. Not that he cares, but I still want to be more put together than this when he’s home from work.

Military Deployment Reintegration

Oh, sweet reintegration. So glad he is home, but now my schedule is all upside down again. It just takes time to figure it all out I guess. It’s all new again for us since we have a baby. He left and now that he’s back, we have to figure out a whole new life.

It’s actually been really fun. I haven’t had a hard time with it until today.

Today, everything is off.

Like when my to-do list has several things I really NEED to do, and several I really WANT to do. And each thing is taking like 100x longer than I’d planned.

Actually I’ve been trying a new strategy of scheduling my days to helping me stay on track. I can be flexible with it, but it helps me from getting distracted by fun things like the Facebook newsfeed.

Well, today, the schedule was stressing me to the max because stupid things were taking FOREVER and I had to keep working on them. I’m actually not finished creating a calendar gift that I need to order asap. Boy I can’t wait to get back to that. (That was sarcasm, for those who missed it).

Also, I vacuumed like one square foot at a time between various tasks for baby. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating here. But barely.

Smack-Dab In The Middle

So why do I share with you all my agony today? Especially when it’s been a quite enjoyable and easy reintegration?

Because sometimes it just sucks. And the emotions ebb and flow. They’ll probably be over in 15 minutes and I’ll be fine. Maybe it’s PMS? (Oh dear me. Let’s hope not, I’m still breastfeeding…)

Military deployment reintegration is a process that I’m smack-dab in the middle of. It’s me learning to not be selfish, and realizing that I used to be able to do anything with my somewhat limited free time. But now, hubby needs a sandwich. And I could sit here longer writing and have him make it himself. Or I could go make it.

So I think I’ll choose to love my hubby by fixing him his little grilled cheese and put aside what I’m doing. Everything will get done in time. And what doesn’t probably wasn’t necessary anyway.

Hope you have a fabulous day!

Heather =)

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military deployment reintegration

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1 Lora December 20, 2013 at 6:39 pm

Reintegration…..the phase of the deployment cycle that needs a LOT MORE PRESS!! Seriously. It’s no happily ever after fairy tale.

Good luck on your journey 🙂


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