Military Child Care: I Didn’t Have A Sitter So My Doctor’s Appointment Was… Interesting

by Heather on October 15, 2014

military child care

Military Child Care: I Didn’t Have A Sitter So My Doctor’s Appointment Was… Interesting


Well we’ve been wanting to add to the family and it just hasn’t happened yet. Due to my previous journey with infertility before having P, we decided to move forward with a fertility doctor. Besides, I’m turning 35 next week (gasp!) so time is ticking.

But I ran across a problem. Military child care is hard to come by. I never had this issue before we had a kid, but I realized at one point: “What the heck do people do with their children when they go to the doctor?” Because, fertility appointments are not always just a consultation, if you know what I mean.

I tried SitterCity. We have already found two great sitters on there, but they aren’t available during the day. (It’s times like this that I’m insanely jealous of my brother and sister in law who have free babysitting with my husband’s parents. Sometimes military life makes things so much more difficult!)

Military Child Care Sometimes Means You Do It Yourself

Ok, so I took her to the appointment. I called first and they said it would be fine. I hate to inconvenience people and be “that mom who always brings her squirmy kid.” But I didn’t really have a choice because hubby was out of town. Otherwise he would have been able to watch her during my appointment. So, off we went.

P is quite friendly. She waves at everyone. Meaning EVERYONE. (It’s really cute, but I’m biased.) So she waved at all the nurses and everyone who came through the waiting room, and she even let the nurse hold her without screaming for mom. The not-screaming part is rare.

So first we saw the nurse, then the Physician’s Assistant student, and then finally the doctor. P was getting tired and hungry by this point. I thought this first appointment was just a consultation, but at the end, the doctor said she wanted to get a baseline ultrasound. (I had suspected that I actually ovulated on my own (naturally) that month, and she wanted to check things out.)

I was thinking, “This will be interesting with P.” That was an understatement.

So after I was all ready for the ultrasound, it was me, P, the doctor, the nurse, and the PA student all in the ultrasound room. I handed the baby to the nurse, and she started screaming (not the nurse). She screamed extremely loudly. Like probably everyone in the hospital heard her. I’m sure the staff was wondering what happened to the military child care center and why I hadn’t utilized it.

So I took her back and held her.

Embracing The Challenges

After a minute of everyone fumbling around, we decided to try the ultrasound with me holding P (still crying but starting to suck her thumb). By the way, this was a “special” ultrasound. So then, I laid back on the table with P on my stomach. It seemed to be working, but this was definitely not how I pictured this doctor’s appointment going down.

Naturally, when they turned the lights off and the monitor came on, P sat up all curious and looked at the screen. I was wondering if I’d be allowed back in the building or if we would be banned.

Luckily everyone was in good spirits. Except P, but she wasn’t crying anymore. They let me make another appointment, so I think we’re good! And the real good news is, the doctor said I actually did ovulate on my own! Sweet! Now my body is figuring some stuff out so that’s good news.

Just think of what all the civilian moms are missing out on. We get to take our children everywhere we go and cheer people up with the cute waving and freak them out with our child’s screaming. We can help doctors learn new patient care techniques, like helping them learn how to pretend their patient’s child is not driving them insane. We are so helpful to society.

Next time you can’t find a sitter and have to take your child somewhere, remember that you’re not the only one. And, I’ve proved that even if things don’t go as planned, it will most likely turn out just fine in the end. You have a lot on your plate, and as a family in the military child care is not always going to come easily. Sometimes you just have to lug the kiddos along and hope for the best. And it’s ok!


Oh and now you know why I work from home – a kiddo in tow to my home office and we can hang all day- learn more about what I do

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