Lose Weight During The Holidays By Walking- “Watch & Win” Video (sponsored)

by Heather on November 13, 2014

Lose weight during the holidays

Lose Weight During The Holidays By Walking- “Watch & Win” Video (sponsored)


Ok folks, here’s a cool chance to win prizes ($500 even!) as well as improve your health by walking– maybe even lose weight during the holidays! And, I’m going to share a story about how hubby lost a lot of weight on deployment just by walking!

Watch & Win!

First things first- United Health Care TV created a video with some brief tips on how to improve your health by walking. They give a little plan of action that is a helpful way to start off if you don’t know where to begin.

The video is short– just 1:16– and the cool thing is that when you watch the whole thing, you can enter to win a $500 grand prize as well as $25 weekly prizes! Sweet huh?

A reader wrote in and asked for walking tips in order to lose weight. The video is the expert’s response.

Watch and enter now: http://www.uhc.tv/watchwin or click video below to watch

[Giveaway is closed]

Lose weight during the holidays

 Ok so here are her main points in the video:

1- Wear comfy & stable shoes that support you on your preferred terrain
2- Get a pedometer- watch or waist band or shoe– 10,000 steps per day

The Walking Program: 8 weeks long

  1. 3000 steps per day during the first week
  2. increase steps by 1000 per week
  3. reach 10,000 by end of 8 weeks

Overall I think this is a great plan. The video itself isn’t too in depth as far as walking tips, but really, it’s walking. It’s not that hard! I like how she suggests getting a pedometer so you can have a way to measure your goals and results.

Walking As A Workout

Now some people might knock walking as a good workout, but I assure you it’s a great one:

  • It’s easy on your joints
  • It keeps your heart rate in the fat-burning zone, as opposed to the cardio zone (heart-building) when you’re doing more intense workouts like running.
  • You can do it easily with a friend or while on the phone.
  • You don’t need any special skills to do it.
  • It’s free!

Hubby’s Deployment Weight Loss Story

When my husband was deployed the past two times, he lost weight mostly due to all the walking he was doing. Here is his story as he tells it:

“On my deployment to Yokosuka/Misawa in 2012 I lost more than 35 pounds.  When I started diligently working out in January I weighed 209, and by the end April I was about 175.  I assumed it was all the time I was spending at the gym, which was about an hour and 15 minutes or so per day, six days a week.  I weighed myself at the gym once a week, and was dropping a pound and a half to two pounds every week.

On my deployment to Bahrain in 2013 I continued with the same work out I had done the year before.  But this time I decided not to weigh myself at all, and just see what I was at when deployment ended, mainly because there wasn’t a scale handy.  That changed when I was unexpectedly sent to Kadena for the last four months of deployment.  I went to work out one day and there was a digital scale in the cardio room, so I hopped on.  To my surprise I discovered I hadn’t lost any weight thus far. (I had put 20 or so pounds back on during home cycle, but after leaving for deployment #2 I did the same workout routine I had the year prior.)

This was perplexing. I continued working out, and was losing a little bit of weight, but not at the same clip I was on the previous deployment. Finally I realized what the big difference between the two deployments was.  During the first deployment I was within walking distance to my office.  In Yokosuka it was about three quarters of a mile from my room at the BOQ to the ship I was TAD too.

Once I got back to my squadron in Misawa, it was only about a quarter of a mile from the Q to the hangar, but I did more than one round trip a day.  In addition to walking to and from work, I was also doing regular trips to the commissary and exchange, which were both 15 minute walks.  I was also getting out and about and exploring the area on foot, especially in Yoko, which is a 45 or so minute train ride from downtown Tokyo.  I was literally walking everywhere.

However, both in Bahrain and Kadena, the flight line was much too far from my room to walk, so I had no choice but to drive to and from work.

So, for the last couple of months in Kadena I decided to conduct an experiment and quit going to the gym altogether, instead going for a walk every evening after dinner.  Okinawa is a tropical island, so evenings in October and November, unless there is a typhoon in the area, were usually quite pleasant.  Kadena is a gigantic, sprawling base, and originally I just started wandering around aimlessly, but eventually found a route that I would take every evening.  The route ended up being a bit over five and a half miles, and usually took about an hour and a half.  Sometimes I would go longer, but mostly I stuck to my regular path.  At the beginning of October I was around 200 pounds, but I didn’t weigh myself ’til I got home in early December.  Turns out I lost twelve pounds over the two months, as I was 188 when I got home.  I didn’t lift a single weight, or spend a minute running on a treadmill.”

So, if you’re looking for a solution to help you keep the holiday weight at bay, get out there and walk. And be sure to watch the video and enter for your chance to win some cash!

Watch and enter if you want the chance to win some cash: http://www.uhc.tv/watchwin

Can you believe Thanksgiving is TWO WEEKS from today???


***I received some social media exposure for my blog in exchange for sharing this offer with you. As always, I give my honest opinions, I only post what I think will be helpful to you, and I only share my own thoughts about what I review. =)


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