Inspirational Navy Wives Like You Bring Joy To My Heart

by Heather on October 7, 2013

 Inspirational Navy Wives

Inspirational Navy Wives Bring Joy To My Heart


As I sit here in my friend’s house at Naval Base Pearl Harbor, I am in awe of so many inspirational Navy wives. I know- it’s not hard to be feeling good when I’m sitting here looking out at beautiful views, with my beautiful baby napping beside me on the bed. But it’s more than that making me feel all happy inside.

It’s really neat to get out and visit another base in another state, seeing how other Navy wives live. It’s making me realize how big this Navy family is and how many of us there are who life this life. Navy life can look so different in the many bases and locations we get stationed. Yet we have so much in common.

Here are a few things that inspire me about Navy wives and the Navy wife life:

  • It inspires me when ladies who have had bad experiences with the spouses club give it another try. They know they are taking a risk but they still believe that there are good women out there to meet. They overcome their fears and let other people get to know them.
  • It inspires me when people gather around someone who is sick, on bed rest, or in need in some way. I received meals after I had my baby. It was so much fun to chat with the ladies who stopped by to drop off a meal and meet the baby. It was humbling to receive people’s help and know that they went out of their way to bless my family and me.
  • It inspires me to watch Navy wife friends move, time and time again, to a new duty station. I am encouraged by their efforts to start over, even when it’s hard. To find friends for themselves and their kids. To adjust to a new state, a new climate, and new culture. To grieve the loss of what they loved about the old place and enjoy what’s fun about the new spot.
  • The above point inspires me because I can only imagine it just gets more difficult as kids get older. Not only are you concerned with finding your own friends, but you’re also concerned with how your kids will adjust. Will they find new friends? Will they fit in or get made fun of? It’s inspirational watching so many ladies go through this, trying to help their kids as best they can.
  • It inspires me when you haven’t seen a Navy wife friend for a few years… and then you pick right back up where you left off the next time you see her. That has been so fun this week with my friend that I’m staying with. I wish that someday all my favorite people could all live on the same street. =)
  • It inspires me to watch Navy wives embrace the difficult orders. The ones where your spouse is gone for a year on “shore duty.” The ones where you move and they deploy the next month. The ones where the job is going to suck everything out of your spouse and you have to do everything… even though it’s not a deployment. The ones where you sell you’re house and move to your parent’s house, then they tell you he’s not deploying after all.

Watching all of you inspirational Navy wives makes me so grateful for your spirits. It makes me appreciate what I have. It makes me feel like I too can embrace the difficult orders, when and if they come.

I know there are a lot of hardships in the Navy life. But there is so much good. And so many amazing people. So today I just wanted to share my thoughts. You are one of those amazing people. Thank you for inspiring me, and I hope you have an incredible day!

Inspirational Navy Wives

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