5 Ways We Are Improving Our Health At Our New Duty Station

by Heather on October 2, 2014

 improving our health

5 Ways We Are Improving Our Health At Our New Duty Station

Hubby and I are stepping up!

This past summer’s cross country move, along with a month of time off and travel with family, were rough on our fitness and eating habits. Now, hubby and I are revamping our habits and improving our health.

I gained a few pounds on the trip over, but in some ways that is a good thing right now. We’d like to add to the family and I wanted to ensure I am at a good weight to conceive. (I’d been at the low end of a healthy BMI because when I was nursing, I dropped more than I’d been planning to and had trouble keeping weight on). However, I didn’t gain the weight with healthy eating… it was more like tons of inactivity on our cross-country move, and a lot of eating out.

As for hubby, he is all checked in and in a groove at his new job. But, he has his PRT coming up, so he wanted to get his workouts back on schedule and his health on track.

 So, here’s how we’ve been improving our health overall:

  1. We’re walking our dog more. With our townhouse having a very tiny yard, we are trying to be more consistent with walking the dog. Hubby is motivated to do this because on his deployment to Misawa, he walked everywhere and dropped a lot of pounds that way. I try to take her out in the morning. This will get more difficult as the weather changes, but then we do have the treadmill. Copley loves it!
  2. We joined a gym. Since hubby can work out on base, we mostly joined for the included childcare and the discounted swim lessons. I’ve been really enjoying the swim lessons with P, and it gives me a very active 30 minutes as well. I’m looking forward to using the childcare to get a workout in or even use the wi-fi in the lobby and send out a blog post without kiddo interruption! This is good on the mental health as well as physical lol.
  3. We’re eating healthier meals. I typically serve a healthy main dish, but I often slack off on sides… especially veggies. Now we’re doing much better at having a variety of veggies over the week.
  4. We’re eating healthier snacks. After road-trip snacking and lots of family time with yummy cooking, we are trying to reign in our snacking habits. Our challenge is that I’m a grazer and eat snacks and many small meals. The hubs is more of a 3 meals guy, and the snacking can have a negative affect on his overall health (i.e. weight). It’s not so bad now that he’s back at work, cuz I can snack all day without him seeing and being tempted. And I’m eating healthier snacks too so it’s not detrimental to him if he caves.
  5. I have a renewed health focus. I’ve been getting back in touch with my health & PE teacher side and resurrecting my love of health topics. At our last duty station I was consumed with two deployments and having a baby so it was kind of a whirlwind. I sat around a lot and wasn’t as active or healthy as I’d like to have been. Here in Virginia, I’m excited to step back into that arena, including reviving my health and wellness business with Arbonne, learning more healthy recipes, and reading more health-related articles.


This is what we’re up to, and all of it has been improving our health! What are you currently doing to improve yours?


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