How To Stay Sane When Life Gets Busy (and a little video)

by Anderson on February 27, 2014

how to stay sane

How To Stay Sane When Life Gets Busy

(and a little video below)

Wow so many things are happening at once! We have orders coming, the baby started to crawl, and I’m launching a business on Monday. It’s hard sometimes to stay sane but here are a few tips for surviving this crazy military wife life.

Plan Ahead By Making A List

I tend to be a to-do list person. It feels so good to cross of the items I’ve accomplished each day. It also helps me remember what the heck I’m supposed to be doing, because it’s easy to get lost watching all the baby cuteness around here.

In opening my online boutique this coming week, I started a major checklist. It’s helping me stay on track and feel better about what I have to do over the weekend. It’s better than that panicky feeling in the gut that’s like- “I know I should be doing stuff, but what?” Now I know. And I can X out the little box I made too. Woo hoo!

Live In The Moment By Taking It One Thing At A Time

It’s easy to be thinking about what I have to do tomorrow when I’m with my baby. Or other times I’m thinking of what blog post I want to write when I’m trying to cook. (This makes dinner somewhat of a disaster if I’m trying to follow a recipe). But I’ve realized that it’s important to live in the moment. I really want to experience everything with my daughter around and not miss out on the time with her by just being busy. Multitasking is often necessary, but other tasks sometimes need to be put aside… as in my case just now where the little one needs some attention. See below video…

 (click play)


Keep Your Perspective

Sometimes it’s easy to freak out when you have a pile of things to do and time seems short. When I was in college, I always seemed to freak out a bit that first week of the new term. I would go through all my classes on the first day and get handed the syllabus. I would hear about all the assignments in each class and start to get panicked about the workload. How in the heck was I going to complete all this work???

But then, as I plotted all the assignments out on the calendar and saw how much time I actually had to get them done, it seemed much more doable. Seasons of busyness come, but usually we do have the ability to get it all done. It may take some extra hard work and some planning, but it can be done. Now that we’re getting orders soon and it feels like I have tons to do to get ready, I’ll be keeping this in mind.

Keep your perspective and remember not to panic when things start to pile up!

What’s the hardest thing for you to deal with when life gets crazy-busy? Let me know in the comments below =)

Much love,

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