8 Homemade Baby Food Tools That Will Ease Switching To Solids

by Heather on July 30, 2015

"8 Homemade Baby Food Tools That Will Ease Switching To Solids" by Heather of Happyfitnavywife.com | Going to use these!

I’ve been starting to blog a bit more about parenting adventures lately. I’m no pro, but I’ve learned a few things along the way that I decided to pass on to you. This post is for moms who are about to embark on the solid food journey, especially if you’re planning to make homemade baby food for your kiddo.

I started off making a ton of my own veggie and fruit purees for my homemade baby food. It’s not difficult and it is much cheaper than buying jars all the time. I was really happy with all of the products I used, and if I wasn’t, I ended up with a good recommendation from a friend.

Here are the supplies I loved along with the best part: the book with the method I used for making the baby food.

8 Homemade Baby Food Tools That Will Ease Switching To Solids

1- Fisher-Price Spacesaver High Chair

We LOVE ours. I highly recommend this to any mom looking for a versatile high chair. You can take it anywhere, clean it easily, and you don’t have to take up more space with a whole separate high chair. We took it in the car when we moved across the country, which was a big help in places, like hotel rooms, that didn’t have high chairs.

2- The Book! The Super Baby Food book was such a lifesaver for me. I borrowed it from a friend, but when we moved cross-country to Virginia, I bought my own copy because it has toddler recipes too. Ruth Yaron goes into extreme detail about the development of your baby, and which month they can start eating which foods. She teaches you how to make the food and store it. So helpful! This is a must have book for moms who want to make their own food. I highly recommend it!

3- KitchenAid 3.5-Cup Food Chopper

I was planning to be all trendy and get the baby bullet or something like that. However my aunt gave me this awesome food chopper and it was perfect! It was amazing for making homemade baby food and pureeing it smooth. I didn’t think it would be powerful enough, but it never had an issue. I can even make almond butter in it and it blends the hard nuts up into a smooth creamy texture!

4- Cuisinart Mesh Strainers

Strainers are necessary for making sure there is nothing in the food that the baby could choke on. For example, sweet potato can be stringy, and some foods have small seeds that need to be removed. I don’t have these exact ones, but one similar.

5- OXO Tot Containers– I ordered this set when I was about to start making baby food. They’re the perfect size to divide up foods to store in the fridge or freezer, especially because your baby may not eat a ton at first.

6- OXO Tot Baby Food Freezer Tray

I bought this tray to freeze the food in (as directed in Super Baby Food.) I could have used a plain ice cube tray, but I found this one with a lid came in handy. I didn’t want the food getting freezer burn =)


7- Spoons

When it comes to spoons, we have had to many varieties due to hand-me-downs and baby shower gifts. But these Gerber Graduates Rest Easy Spoons have been my favorite. They’re soft and hold the perfect amount for a little baby bite.

8- Bumkins Waterproof Sleeved Bib

One great (inexpensive) investment I made was in plastic sleeved bibs. The cloth ones just don’t do squat when it comes to baby food. Full sleeves, full body cover is needed! These are comfy, cute, cover everything, and they have a ton of color choices.


One other thing you’ll need is Ziploc Gallon Freezer Bags to store all your frozen baby food in. I also bought some jars of Earth’s Best baby food to have on hand. Even though homemade food is great, it just isn’t practical sometimes. Having jars around was a huge help.

Have fun! What other items do you use when making your own baby food?


Homemade baby food


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