12 Home Themed Songs Every Military Family Should Own

by Heather on September 21, 2015

home themed songs

Last month, we had the privilege of going “home” for two weeks. And by saying “home” I don’t mean my parents’ house necessarily, although we did stay there for part of it. The pacific northwest feels like home to me. It is amazing how being in the region where we grew up, with people we love, made us nostalgic and feel that homey feeling.

That feeling intensifies when I hear a song about home. It could be any song with that theme, but I have a few favs that really speak to me and give me that wistful feeling. Sometimes I have to change the channel because I feel myself tearing up.

In our military experience, we have often been far from home. We have lived on the east coast three times and the west coast just once in our married life. Being far away gives me a great appreciation for all things associated with home:

  • Extended family gatherings and celebrations
  • Spending time with grandparents (hubby’s grandma is our only remaining grandparent)
  • Our daughter getting to spend time with her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins
  • The gorgeous scenery we grew up taking for granted
  • Being able to drive to our parent’s houses instead of being required to fly (or drive for 10 days)
  • Hanging with old friends from high school, our besties and other connections who have stayed closer to home.

I’ve compiled this playlist of all time great home themed songs. Take a peek and see if there are any missing from your personal music library! You can even preview them.

There’s nothing like a nostalgic home song to take a military family back to your roots, even if only in your heart and mind.


12 Home Themed Songs Every Military Family Should Own

ps- What songs did I miss? What are your favorite “home” songs?

pps- this post contains affiliate links… thanks for your support!

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