“Home Is Where The Heart Is” To The MilSpouse

by Heather on December 21, 2015

home is where the heart is

As a military spouse, the concept of “home” is rather jumbled. Is it where we live now? Is it where we want to live later? Is it where we’re from? (Where are we from again?)

The phrase “Home Is Where The Heart Is” has always caused me confusion as a milspouse. My heart is not always in the home (location) that we have. My heart (the love of my life) is not always home. I can try to make a house a home, but there’s no forcing the heart.

I try to be genuine and attentive to how i’m feeling, and sometimes a place just doesn’t feel like home. And yet, at other times, the sweet sense of home comes rushing in, and I know I’m right where I’m supposed to be with my favorite human beings on the planet.

Today I just wanted to share some thoughts on “home,” for all you fellow milspouses and military significant others who have ever asked yourselves, “Where is home anyway?”

“Home Is Where The Heart Is” To The MilSpouse

If home is where the heart is, your home is on the other side of the world because that’s where your heart is currently deployed.

You make your current dwelling as “homey” as you can for now.

You accept where you are, even if you don’t want to stay.

You dream of the “home” you’ll have when he or she gets out of the military.

Together is the best “home” there is.

Holidays aren’t the same without everyone home.

Holidays aren’t the same if you can’t go home.

Home is not your parents’ house, it’s your house.

Home is not your parents’ house, but their house still feels like home in the nostalgic sense.

Home is the smell of the trees where you grew up, the look of the landscape, the waterway you miss and the weather you love to hate.

Who says you can’t go home? Oh yeah, Uncle Sam.

Home is when the family comes for the holidays.

You hate that your house doesn’t quite feel like home.

You love when your house starts to feel like home.

The boots are in the corner (not in the closet of course!).

When you pack up your heart & home and put it on a truck… then you realize your heart & home are not on that truck, they’re in your arms because they’re your kids and spouse.

That one piece of decor that symbolizes your family, and when it comes out of the box, it feels like home.

Doing everything you can to make it “home” for your kids, even if it doesn’t feel like home to you yet.

When you come home after a long trip and realize it actually is home.


What does home mean to you? Let’s discuss more in the comments.

home is where the heart is

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