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by Heather on June 2, 2016

hardest working collection toolkit

My hubby is the hardest working man I know. He works hard all day and then comes home and expends even more effort and energy with our daughter and doing stuff around the house for me. I’m a really lucky girl (actually blessed) and so when I got the chance to give him the awesome #smellegendary toolkit with the new Hardest Working Collection from Old Spice, I jumped at the opportunity.

As a P3 pilot, my man has had a lot of challenging jobs in the Navy since I met him. He was first on a carrier, then in grad school, then in training, and next he was back to a P3 squadron. Now he’s on a staff working at a desk, and before I met him he had even more jobs with different squadrons.

Every job has looked slightly different and has had different physical requirements, but he applies himself fully to whatever he does.

It’s awesome to see Old Spice taking the position that military service members deserve “the strongest protection and performance that the company has to offer”– and that is what they have delivered.

Of course some military jobs entail a lot of physical training (such as Navy SEALs), while others are vital yet aren’t as physically challenging. That doesn’t take away from the dedication and hard work those service members put in every day serving our country and even putting themselves in harm’s way.

hardest working collection

Kudos to Old Spice for testing out the Hardest Working Collection on some of the hardest working men out there, whether it be physical and/or mental effort, or even just withstanding the heat of the Bahraini desert on deployment. (Of course we know that the women in the military work incredibly hard as well– but since this is a men’s product, the focus is on hard working men. 😉

So even though now we’re enjoying “shore duty” where the hubs doesn’t deploy for a few years (yay!), he works hard at his job. (Too bad we can’t try it out the Hardest Working Collection line during a flying tour, because smelling like “Lasting Legend” or “Pure Sport Plus” is much more appealing than airplane fuel. HA!)

BUT, that said, he typically works out 5 days a week and is now preparing for the PRT*, so he still needs a good scrub down. In addition, he usually does his workouts during the lunch hour, so he’s got to make sure he is smelling good in the afternoon or his office mates might mutiny.

*By the way, the PRT = Physical Readiness Test (I’m not sure that’s even the most up-to-date acronym for it– who can keep up?). The PRT occurs every six months to help ensure that service members are physically fit for duty.

Since he works out regularly, it won’t be a difficult for hubby to pass, but it was good timing for him to try out Old Spice’s new Odor Blocker and Sweat Defense Anti-Perspirants and Deodorants as well as Dirt Destroyer Body Wash, which are “the most powerful Old Spice anti-perspirants and body washes in the world.”

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hardest working collection_odor

Old Spice is so confident in their product that they offer the 1-800-PROVE-IT money-back guarantee– but as hubby has been a happy Old Spice customer for a long time, we certainly didn’t need more proof. The new Hardest Working Collection takes his former fav scents to the next level of performance and technology.

  • Who can argue with odor blocker that has a “stronger and longer sweat protection than its other collections and a 50 percent increase in BCD odor fighting technology that only Old Spice can claim”?
  • And sweat defense that “delivers a 66 percent sweat reduction” while the “category standard for extra effective anti-perspirant/deodorants is a 30 percent sweat reduction”?
  • And you can’t forget the ultimate cleanser: “Dirt Destroyer is Old Spice’s most powerful body wash, offering 15 percent more cleansers, a 30 percent thicker formula and 20 percent more scent. Its thicker formula delivers a thick, dirt-eliminating lather and less down the drain resulting in a better overall shower experience.”

What can I say– hubby thought the deodorants worked really well and he likes suds in his body wash, which Old Spice delivered in an amped up fashion. And he smells good all the time– I consider that a win!

hardest working collection

“Old Spice Hardest Working Toolkit” Contents:

Coming up next week, you’ll have the chance to win an Old Spice toolbox for your man. Inside, you’ll find one of each Old Spice product– The lucky winner will also receive:

  • FREE entry into a 2016 Tough Mudder event to challenge the performance of the Hardest Working Collection
  • An Old Spice t-shirt fitting for Legendary Men (SUPER soft, hubby looks amazing in his!)
  • A gift from Tough Mudder partner Merrell to keep more than your armpits dry
  • An autographed photo from the product king himself, Bob Giovanni (as seen on Old Spice’s popular digital
  • infomercials)
  • Recognition of your Legendary status with a customizable trophy, as commemorated by Old Spice

So I’ll see you next week for the giveaway. In the meantime, check out the Old Spice wacky and fun infomercials:



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Old Spice (P&G). The opinions and text are all mine.

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