My eBook: The New Military Wife’s Guide To Deployment

guide to deployment

Dear military wife or girlfriend going into your first deployment, or anyone eager to have a positive, motivating and fulfilling deployment while you carry on the responsibilities of two people,

Over the past eight years I’ve gone from being lonely and discouraged during deployments, to positive and fulfilled when my husband is away. Even though I miss him like there’s a hole in my heart, I’ve discovered how to stay motivated, get myself off the couch, and have fun while he’s gone.

When I was first married, I struggled with motivation during deployment. We had just come off a move to a new city when hubby deployed, and I let myself dwell in negativity. Instead of trying to reach out and make friends, get connected and find a support community, I mostly kept to myself.

But I learned something that changed everything. I learned how to turn a miserable, lonely deployment into an enjoyable time where I felt positive, motivated and fulfilled.

I had the renewed energy and motivation to strengthen my support network, build relationships, and start having fun!

I wrote “The New Military Wife’s Guide To Deployment” to share all that I learned with you, so that you can avoid the negativity I wallowed in for way too long.

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What you’ll learn:

  • how to stay motivated to be social
  • healthy ways to stay busy
  • how to be comfortable walking into a room filled with people you don’t know
  • how to build up your support community so you don’t feel so alone all the time
  • staying positive without being fake
  • creating boundaries in your life so you’re not so overwhelmed all the time with your daily responsibilities
  • how to process your feelings so you can cope with your struggles in a healthy way
  • how to find people who understand you and who care about what’s going on in your life
  • great activities to distract you and help time seem to go faster
  • and more!

guide to deployment

I’ve experienced deployments in several different phases of a military relationship: as a military girlfriend, a fiance’, a wife with no kids, and a mom of a young baby. I know that each stage has its own challenges. I also know that if you’re in any of those phases, what I share can help you dramatically improve your experience during deployment.

It’s inevitable that you’ll have days where you are completely unmotivated, discouraged and worn out. But you can learn to process those difficult days and to respond to them in a better way.

Grab your copy now and get started TODAY with a more positive and fulfilling deployment experience.

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guide to deployment

What readers are saying:

“I just finished your e-book about deployment and feel SO encouraged! When my husband (of three weeks at the time!) told me he would be deployed a few months before our first anniversary and miss all our “firsts” together (first anniversary, thanksgiving, Christmas, my birthday, new year’s, his birthday, valentines, gahhhhh) I was devastated. But now I really feel like I can make the deployment a stepping stone to becoming a better wife and a better person! so THANKS so much!!” ~Kate


“Just finished reading this book and it was fantastic. Very inspirational with great tools on how to deal with deployment. It is the kind of book you can read over and over picking up new tips each time. Highly recommend…  I’m not even experiencing deployment right now and I feel like this gave me inspiration just in day to day life 🙂  I could relate on many levels.  It is so easy in life to let our thoughts take over the power of being positive is so important.” ~Jennifer from


“It’s fun and helpful… I haven’t been through a deployment married – only dating – but so much of it rings true. even for the 2-3 week trips. Sometimes it’s harder to be motivated and positive on the shorter trips because they are just so annoying! But that’s all stuff i needed to hear two years ago and need to be reminded of now. Thanks for sharing. :)” ~Rebecca

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