Getting Settled In Your New Area: 1 Awesome Tip

by Anderson on September 19, 2014

getting settled

Getting Settled In Your New Area: 1 Awesome Tip


Getting settled after a military move is never easy. It takes forever and it happens over time, not all at once. Today I just wanted to share one awesome thing that has been helping me adjust. Hopefully you can use this tip to help you as well!

When I lived in Seattle, before I was married, I lived in the Green Lake area. I had fun roommates– one is still one of my closest friends– and the location was awesome. We could run, walk, or bike around Green Lake anytime. We could meet a friend at Starbucks on the lake. I always ran into people I knew there, even though Seattle is such a huge city. It was a mini community.

Well, I found my “Green Lake” in Virginia Beach. It’s called Mt. Trashmore, and it’s amazing. It’s beautiful, has lots of greenery, and there are tons of people exercising and making use of the trails that wind their way through out the park.

The only drawback is that there’s no Starbucks right by the lake, but there IS one right down the block. I think I’ll manage.

Getting settled

Getting settled

Getting settled

So What’s The Tip For Getting Settled?

This may sound silly, but walking Mt. Trashmore makes me feel at home. It reminds me of my best friends who live in Seattle. I would often have deep conversations and wonderful times with them while walking the lake. Here in this new, different far away city, walking Mt Trashmore makes my heart happy.

I encourage you to find your “Mt. Trashmore.” What is your place in your city or town, that gives you a tiny glimpse of home? Is it the mom & pop breakfast place? The hiking trails? The mall with your favorite store? The gym that has your special machine?

In military life, it’s the little things that help us adjust to our new life. It’s the special moments that remind us of what’s most important in life.

I hope you have found yours, or can find it soon!


Getting settled

Getting settled

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