My Favorite Pinterest Recipes Of Late (3 Yummy Dinner Ideas!)

by Heather on August 6, 2015

favorite pinterest recipes

My Favorite Pinterest Recipes Of Late (3 Yummy Dinner Ideas!)

You can think of me as your Pinterest experimenter person. However you want to say that. I like to try Pinterest recipes. And I am making things easier for you, because 2/3 of the recipes I try from Pinterest are NOT that good.

So disappointing!

But hey let me take on that disappointment for you (because I already have). I’m going to share my favorite Pinterest recipes with you– the ones i’ve tried and loved, and ones that are good for certain situations, so you don’t have to mess around.

I’m not sure why I keep trying more, but maybe it’s because the good ones are THAT GOOD.

Here’s what I’ve made recently:

1- Crock Pot Balsamic Pork from

balsamic porkThis stuff is so good It was a first for me to cook pork roast. I was looking to expand to a meat other than beef or chicken, and came across this pin. It sounded simple so I gave it a shot. And YUM! We loved it. This definitely made my list of favorite Pinterest recipes. Served it on rice and cooked up some broccoli. Totally awesome, easy dinner.






2- Crock Pot Spaghetti from

crock pot spaghettiThis was a very easy way to make spaghetti, and it was tasty. It doesn’t beat out homemade sauce and freshly made noodles, but it was good. The reason I’m sharing it today is that in certain situations, it could be a life saver. Such as:

  • if you have a huge family (esp active teenagers) that eats a lot.
  • If you are hosting a big get-together and don’t have much time to prep.

In those cases, this recipe is a big winner! For hubby, kiddo and I, it was way too much food and I didn’t want to eat spaghetti for like 14 days, so it didn’t make my list of top favorite Pinterest recipes. But still good.

My one tip to perk it up a bit:

  • Grab an extra bottle of sauce to add on after you serve up the plates (heat first). I found the crock pot noodles weren’t as juicy as I prefer.


3- Flautas & Guac from jo cooks:

floutasThese floutas are the bomb. I had never made floutas before, and I really wanted to try them. I usually buy pre-made ones from Costco, which are easy, but there’s nothing like homemade. These were a huge hit and not too labor intensive either!

The guac is also delish! I’m a huge guacamole fan and this one is top rate.





BONUSGarlic & Parmesan Asparagus from

asparagusI love asparagus, but hubby has some sort of childhood aversion to it.  I still wanted to cook it though, so I found a recipe that could attempt to overcome his resistance to the veggie. Something slathered with butter and garlic.

Cha ching! We have a winner. This rocks. I could eat it for a meal by itself practically. And that says a lot because I don’t love vegetables. Hubby ate some and gave it a “not bad” rating which also says a lot.

So if you’re looking for a good asparagus dish, this is one of my all-time favorite Pinterest recipes!









favorite pinterest recipes

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