9 Awesome Items That Will Improve Your Next PCS

by Heather on August 31, 2015

"9 Awesome Items That Will Improve Your Cross Country PCS" by Heather of Happyfitnavywife.com | Love these ideas-- saving for our next military move

Moving is always stressful.

A military cross-country PCS is all that plus stuffing your most prized possessions into your bursting vehicle, keeping kids and pets from going crazy, maintaining your own sanity, all while making your way from a familiar neighborhood to an unknown community.

The last thing you need is to add useless junk to your car (which now equals your entire world).

So how do you improve your trip without creating more of a burden for yourself?

Move it or lose it

Adam and I completed multiple moves, including 3 cross country PCS (coast to coast) in our first 5 years of marriage.

Our driving goals included:

  • see all the sights
  • get there as fast as we can
  • visit friends
  • survive the drive and still like each other

Most recently we added:

  • keep the kid entertained

We struggled to entertain the child by day 8 of 10, so we made an emergency Target stop. But more on that later.

9 Awesome Items That Will Improve Your Cross Country PCS

After so many moves, I’ve narrowed down my list of vital items for the car. Take a look and pick up what you’re missing:

1-Soft Cooler Bag – Heaven knows you gotta eat on a road trip. If you’re like me, you eat constantly. Hard coolers are heavy and tough to wedge between the seats, so get a soft one. Bonus: it’s lighter to carry in and out of hotel rooms along the way.

2- Magazines & Books– Treat yourself with a new book, or pick up a People magazine from the grocery check out rack. You know, the one you’ve been dying to read but have dutifully passed by. Now’s your chance to live it up.

3- A Creative New Game For Stops–  Making new memories is a special part of travel. Pick up a new game such as hilarious “Pass the Pigs.” Pass the Pigs is small enough that you can toss it in a backpack and barely notice it.

Speedminton is one of my favorite lawn games. It’s like badminton, but you don’t use a net. The birdies are heavier and travel faster. I love it for the road because you can pull it out at a rest stop and get your heart pumping quickly. I learned about it when I taught PE– kids love it.

4- Mini 4 Pack of Wine– If you enjoy wine, this is the way to go. You can enjoy a single glass without opening an large bottle. You can find them at Target, the Package store on base and some grocery stores.

5- Bottle/Can Opener– Ever tried to open a can of beans without a can opener? Throw one in your bag of extras, along with a bottle opener. You may come across some great microbrews, a new local soda or something else fun to try. You don’t want to be stuck staring at the frosty bottle with no way to drink it.

***Note of caution*** I don’t recommend getting drunk at any time, but especially during a move. Too many important things are going on, not to mention you’re traveling on the road. So please be smart people– don’t drink and drive!

6- Episodes Of Your Favorite Show– Hubby and I love re-watching our fav shows (we’re currently on The Office: Season 5). Toss in a season of your go-to show to wind down with in the evening. BONUS: play it on your laptop with headphones to hide it from the kids!

TV shows are typically 20-40 minutes, much shorter than a movie. Let’s be realistic: we’re all exhausted at the end of a travel day.

7- Take It To The Roof– One thing we absolutely love is our Thule roof rack box. It opens up so much space inside the car while providing easy access to extra bags. If you think you need a bigger car for your next move, a roof box may help you avoid such a huge expense.

8- A Beach Towel– Don’t leave home without a towel. You can wipe muddy feet and shoes, or cover your belongings to deter thieves. You can mop up kid messes, use it as a blanket, or stop that annoying squeak in the back.

9- Tervis Tumbler- Berry Swirl Wrap
Tervis Tumblers are awesome for travel! And cute! I have the pictured design. Tervis cups can insulate both hot and cold drinks, and they don’t sweat because of their unique design. Also, they fit in cup holders unlike other brands.

Target saves the day

At our emergency Target stop, I learned how far $20 could go in the toy aisle. We conquered days 9 and 10, but I realized how a few special items in the car could save my sanity and help us avoid spending extra money on the road.


What do you bring on your cross country PCS moves?

For more moving tips, check this out.

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