6 Workout Tips That Will Help You Conquer Humidity

by Heather on August 15, 2016

"6 Workout Tips That Will Help You Conquer Humidity" by Heather of happyfitnavywife.com | Great fitness tips, it's so humid here!

It’s 9am and I navigate the stroller through the garage screen door, my 3 year old protesting that she wants to walk.

The humidity envelops me like a thick blanket over my head, and the sun beats down with a vengeance on my 34-week-pregnant self.

“I’m not sure I’m gonna make it through this walk,” I think to myself, wondering how people live their whole lives with weather like this.

I’m from the Pacific Northwest where summers are a dreamy 80 degrees with little humidity. The military deposited us in Virginia in the sweltering humidity, high temps in the 90s for weeks and  over 100 on the heat index.

Add pregnancy into it, and I’m cooked. Done. Very well done.

Can I conquer humidity?

We settle into the walk, and I quickly realize this is going to be a tough one. I take a drink from my water bottle, but I’m still roasting.

“Am I lightheaded or just nervous about becoming lightheaded? My stomach feels weird. More water.” The thoughts swirl in my head like cotton candy wrapping around the stick.

As I approach the choice between “long walk” and “short walk” it’s a no-brainer. I turn and head around the short loop toward home, hoping that I can make it home without sending my body into pre-term labor…

6 Workout Tips That Will Help You Conquer Humidity

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