23 Cheap Care Package Ideas That Fit In A Small Flat Rate Box

by Heather on November 19, 2015

"23 Cheap Care Package Ideas That Fit In A Small Flat Rate Box" by Heather of Happyfitnavywife.com | love these ideas!

It’s time to send another care package! Maybe it’s only been a week, or a day since the last one you sent, but when you’re on a roll, you’re on a roll. But those care packages can add up in price, so here’s a cheap care package option!

You’ve probably heard that Flat-Rate boxes from the USPS are the way to go, and I definitely agree. The medium and large boxes can fit a TON of stuff for a decent price. But, if sent frequently, that $17+ postage can hurt the budget, not to mention the cost of filling the big box!

Small flat rate boxes are a great choice, because you can send three small boxes for the price of sending one large. And more care packages to open means more fun for your loved one!

Of course, a small box is best suited for small items. Larger items would have to go in a larger box, or even a piñata. But for little stuff, and when you don’t have too much to send, a small flat rate box is a cheap, easy and fun option!

23 Cheap Care Package Ideas That Fit In A Small Flat Rate Box

  1. A deck of cards
  2. Candy of almost any kind
  3. Gum, tic tacs or mentos
  4. Head band/wrist bands for working out
  5. New headphones
  6. A burned cd of your current fav songs
  7. Personal letters and love notes
  8. Photos of you, the kids and/or the pets
  9. Photos of activities you’ve done or places you’ve visited
  10. New razor
  11. Thumb drive/ USB drive
  12. Greeting card
  13. Sticky note pad (with a few notes written on a few)
  14. Socks
  15. Granola bars or breakfast bars
  16. Balloons (not blown up of course) for an upcoming birthday
  17. Individual coffee packets
  18. Hot chocolate or cider pouches
  19. Tea bags
  20. Pens
  21. Crossword puzzle book
  22. Sudoku book
  23. Notes from family or friends

Bonus— If you’re sending to a hot place like the Middle Eastern desert, be sure not to send anything that might melt. Items like chocolate, chapstick, candles, and soft candies may not make the trip. If you really want to send something like that, at least put it in a ziplock bag so it doesn’t make a huge mess in your box.

Extra Bonus Tip— You can decorate the inside of the box!

  • Before folding it up, lay it flat on a piece of wrapping paper.
  • Trace the box and cut out the paper.
  • ***Be careful you leave space for the edge where the box seals.
  • Glue it down and then fill, fold and seal.
  • The inside will be nicely wrapped!

What else would you put inside a small flat rate box?


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