Care Package Cakes: “Mason Jar Almond Joy” Recipe & How-To

by Heather on September 7, 2015

"Care Package Cakes: 'Mason Jar Almond Joy' Recipe & How-To" Yum!

Today we have Tara from An Aiming High Wife here on the blog. She’s awesome– and she brought with her the most delectable recipe that’s PERFECT for making care package cakes. If you (or your love) like chocolate, coconut, and almond, you’ll go crazy over this. And how fun will it be for him to receive a box of mini-cakes to enjoy whenever he wants!?!? Get all the details below!

Care Package Cakes: “Mason Jar Almond Joy” Recipe & How-To

Being married to an active duty service member I am always trying to come up with fun recipes of yummy homemade treats that can be made in a mason jar and sent overseas to our deployed friends and family.  My most recent creation are Almond Joy mason jar care package cakes.

This almond cake with shredded coconut and chocolate chips is the perfect way to send the taste of an almond joy overseas without the mess of melted chocolate everywhere! The best part is this particular mason jar cake uses a box cake as the base, making it super easy.

You want to start with a plain box cake. You can use white, yellow or even chocolate. I decided to go with a white cake because I am not a huge fan of chocolate and I knew that I would have to do some of the taste testing. You will also need water, oil, eggs, chocolate chips, shaved coconut, almond extract, vanilla extract and a can of frosting to add to the box.

Whatever you do, do not frost the mason jar cakes before you send them, or your loved one will end up with jars of icky gross mold. If your making these to enjoy at home, only frost the care package cakes when you are ready to enjoy! With this recipe you will be able to make roughly 8 (8oz) mason jar cakes.


 You want to start with mixing the boxed cake with the water, oil, eggs, almond extract and vanilla extract. Once the cake batter is mixed well with no large lumps you can stir in the chocolate chips. During the baking process the chocolate chips will sink to the bottom of the mason jar. By stirring them in ahead of time, it helps keep the chocolate from burning to the bottom of the jar.

IMG_8812 IMG_8815

Baking Tips:

  • Before you transfer the cake batter to the mason jars make sure to spray each jar with cooking spray or oil. I personally love to use coconut oil spray…I feel it works the best.
  • Fill each mason jar about half full with the cake batter, then add a pinch or two of the saved coconut.
  • Top with just a enough batter to cover the coconut shavings. This way you don’t end up with burnt coconut on top of the cake.
  • If you over fill the mason jars they will turn into little volcanos and erupt cake everywhere. I made the mistake of overfilling my first two mason jars. When I am baking care package cakes, I always put the mason jars inside a glass casserole dish to bake for this very reason!

IMG_8816 IMG_8820 IMG_8825

Once baked, secure the mason jar lid on right away. Make sure you use a oven mitt while doing this, because the mason jars are extremely hot. By putting the lids on while the cake is still super hot it will help seal the mason jar and ensure a deliciously fresh cake when it arrives at its final destination!


To send these care package cakes overseas just fill a box with a few mason jars, some plastic utensils, a can of frosting, a bag of shredded coconut, and any other fun treats or gifts you can fit into the box!

 Almond Joy Mason Jar Cake Recipe


1 Box Cake
1 1/4 Cup Water
1/3 Cup Oil
3 Eggs
1 Cup Chocolate Chips
3/4 Cup Shaved Coconut
2 teaspoons Almond Extract
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract


Mix together the cake mix along with the water, oil, eggs, almond extract, and vanilla extract.
Once mixed well stir in the chocolate chips.
Spray the mason jars with cooking spray and fill half way with cake batter.
Add a sprinkle of the shaved coconut and top with just enough cake batter to cover up the coconut.
Bake at 375 degrees for 40-45minutes, until cooked throughout.

Click for a printable version


Hi all my name is Tara and I am the voice behind An Aiming High Wife and I am a married to an active duty service member in the Air Force. Together we have called three states home in the last six years, we have two crazy puppies and one amazing daughter. We love our crazy life and embrace every adventure the military lifestyle brings to us! To keep up to date on our adventures you can follow me on Facebook! For some other yummy mason jar cake ideas check out my other care package cakes: Pumpkin Pie Mason Jar Cake & Piña Colada Mason Jar Cake!

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1 Kristen September 8, 2015 at 3:40 pm

love this! On top of deployments, I also give my girlfriends Mason Jar Cakes in “Pick Me Up” Kits for those days when you just need a break!


2 Heather September 9, 2015 at 9:58 pm

That is so sweet and such a great idea to do for your girlfriends! I think it would be a cool “new baby gift” for the parents, esp when I’m far away and can’t bring a meal… You’ve got my brain working now =) thanks Kristen


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