Blood Clotting Test Results And Other Excitement

by Heather on May 14, 2015

blood clotting test results

Blood Clotting Test Results And Other Excitement


Hey! Well I’m smack in the middle of making a bunny cake for P’s 2nd birthday… which is today. Can somebody say “last minute”??? But I thought I’d give the update I’ve been promising about my recent blood clotting test results, as well as a quick recap of recent days.

On The Homefront

As we speak, the birthday girl is sleeping IN her bed. A couple weeks ago, we took off the front of the crib and transitioned to the toddler bed. Well, she decided she liked sleeping on the floor… all the time. Two nights ago, she slept the whole night in her bed, then digressed again to the floor last night. I guess we’re on  the right track. Hopefully she’ll have adjusted by the time we move her to a twin bed! Ha.

Funny story about hubby… yesterday his command took an afternoon to go to a local baseball game. He and a few others got roped into a contest on the field during one of the inning breaks. Apparently he and his teammate were the champions… yes, he won by tossing stuffed fruit into a large hoop outfit that his teammate was wearing. I am so proud!

Miscarriage Journey

On a more serious note, today I would have been 17 weeks pregnant. It hasn’t really been on my mind too much, but yesterday I got Parents magazine and Family Circle Magazine in the mail for the first time. I had signed up for them at Destination Maternity, back when I was still prego and shopping for maternity clothing. It was kind of a somber moment to pull out the magazines and remember how I felt when I was shopping. So excited! It honestly almost feels like a dream, like I was never pregnant. Like, did that really happen?

Blood Clotting Test Results

So on that topic, the news we’ve been waiting for…. My blood clotting test results came back positive for Anticardiolipen. I don’t know much about that, but apparently, my blood clots more than it should. This may have caused blood clots in the placenta, leading to the most recent, and maybe all of my miscarriages. I don’t know what my exact numbers were, but the fertility nurse told me on the phone that the dr recommends blood thinners and baby aspirin for any future pregnancies.

It was kind of surprising, but also a relief to know that yes, there is something going on that’s likely causing me to miscarry. AND, there’s something we can do to treat it. Of course there are no guarantees, but I feel a huge sense of relief and gratitude for having an answer.

Thank you to everyone who shared your miscarriage stories and treatments with me. I really appreciate the support you’ve all shown me. You’ve been such an encouragement to me!

Ok well it’s of to decorate a bunny cake for Miss P.  I love that sweet girl and am SO thankful for her… and now it seems she is more of a miracle than we even knew. Thank you Lord for that gift!

Have a fabulous day!


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