The 24 Best Toddler Apps For Travel (Or Anytime)

by Heather on September 3, 2015

"The 24 Best Toddler Apps For Travel (Or Anytime)" by Heather of | Grab these apps to save your sanity! haha!

We’ve done a lot of traveling lately, and flying cross-country with a toddler is rough, let me tell you.

  • Refusing to nap
  • Crawling all over her dad and me
  • A few instances of hysterical crying
  • Constant hunger
  • Entertained by nothing

Also, discovering AFTER boarding the plane that she was bored of all her favorite iPad apps was not helpful. So today I’ll do you a solid and give you 24 of the best toddler apps, so you can avoid the pain we went through.

Below in this handy dandy widget, I have placed all our favorite toddler apps. Many she’s been using since she was 1. (When you’re desperate you’re desperate.)

Some of these have “lite” or free versions, but for pretty much all of them I upgraded to the paid app. You might get the free app and then if your kid loves it you can decide to upgrade later. But everything I paid for was well worth it!

I was amazed at my daughter’s ability to do puzzles, and how fast she picked them up. It’s like there was a day when all of a sudden she could do them. She has learned so many object, letters, numbers, shapes and colors from these apps!

Extra tip: In addition to these apps, I highly recommend having some shows or games on your iPad or phone that don’t require internet streaming. P loves the PBS Kids app, but you have to have wi-fi to use it.  Even paying for the airplane wi-fi doesn’t work because it can’t handle streaming. It’s truly worth deleting half of what’s on your phone to add a show that will give you some peace! LOL.

PBS kids is the only app below that requires streaming. It’s a fabulous (free) app though so it’s worth it just to have it in general. Your child will be able to spend countless hours of travel time mesmerized by these games! So enjoy, and know that all of these apps are toddler- and mommy-approved!

The 24 Best Toddler Apps For Travel (Or Anytime)

What did I miss? What apps do your kiddos love?

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