Top 7 Absolute Best Restaurants In Newport, RI

by Heather on January 18, 2016

"Top 7 Absolute Best Restaurants In Newport, RI" by Heather of | Newport is such a cute little town with amazing food! Can't wait to go back=)

One of the biggest things I miss when we PCS (permanent change of station, i.e. move to another city) is the food. Finding a favorite restaurant and then having to leave it is torture! Especially for hubby and I, who are closet foodies. Actually who knows what the term “foodie” even means…? But we do love our date nights and trying new dining spots!

We’ve lived in some awesome places for food (such as San Diego), but Newport Rhode Island is home to some of the most amazing, cute, quaint & delish restaurants. Pretty much if you ever get the chance to live there, plan for a large eating out budget because it’s there are just too many good restaurants.

One caveat to this post is that we left Newport in February of 2011. A few years have passed, and while I did my best to make sure these restaurants are still up & running and amazing, I did hear recently that a bunch of new hot spots have opened up.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments if you have a new favorite not listed here, or if you have an update on any of these spots. Thanks!

Ok here’s the list:

Top 7 Absolute Best Restaurants in Newport, RI

Brick Alley Pub

Our absolute favorite in Newport, the Brick Alley Pub was a fun sports-themed restaurant, very kid-friendly and tasty food for all. It was home to our all-time favorite clam chowder– and when you live in New England, you taste a lot of chowder. We miss it!

Sardella’s Italian Restaurant

We loved this little spot, especially in the winter. A lot of restaurants shut down in the winter for holiday or doing renovations. Because it can get stinking cold here! During the slower months (not sure about the summer) Sardella’s has a Dinner for Two special on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights that’s a real steal for a nice Italian place. Great weeknight date!

22 Bowen’s

Not surprisingly, 22 Bowen’s is at 22 Bowen’s wharf. Think Ruth’s Chris of Newport, with surf & turf in a steakhouse environment. Waterfront views are a nice perk!

It’s worth a pause to mention that 22 Bowen’s is a member of the Newport Restaurant Group, which has a rewards program for eating out at certain Newport restaurants as well as some in the surrounding areas. I’m not sure if it still works the same way it did when we lived there, but it’s worth looking into.

The Mooring

Also a member of the Newport Restaurant Group. Delicious cuisine from land or sea, with a view. On the pricey side but perfect for a special occasion or when relatives are visiting and you want a nice dinner out.

Pour Judgement

On the more economical side, Pour Judgement is an all-around winner. I’d heard good things about it during our brief time in Newport, and we didn’t eat there until it was almost time to move again. I really wished we had tried it sooner because I know I would have been back many times. We had a lot of friends who put this as their #1 restaurant in town. Down to earth pub food as well as a few “fine dining” options, craft beer and a fun environment make this a go-to spot.


There weren’t a whole lot of Mexican food choices in the area when we lived there. We found a yummy spot up in Portsmouth but I just learned that it’s closed permanently. Diego’s is a vibrant, trendy place in downtown with fresh ingredients, tasty guac and great food. I even took a little cooking class there sponsored by the base spouse’s club, where I learned how to make fish tacos and met a spouse that I’m still friends with!

Tokyo House

Delicious Japanese food including bento boxes, sushi and hibachi/teppanyaki style cooking. We loved this spot and it was a nice change from all the seafood/chowder and pub type spots in New England. We had a lot of fun at the hibachi grill with friends watching them build the onion volcano. =)

Which Newport, RI restaurants are your favorites?



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