The Time I Made Air-Popped Popcorn And Bugs Came Out Instead. For Reals

by Heather on February 11, 2014


The Time I Made Air-Popped Popcorn And Bugs Came Out Instead. For Reals

Well this morning was one of those mornings.

I was rushing around, trying to get the baby fed before heading out the door to Bible study. I had the brilliant idea to bring popcorn as a snack for the ladies. We weren’t sure if anyone was bringing food, so I thought, “this will be so quick and easy. I’ll just throw some popcorn into the air-popper, and voila!”

Instead, it was many other things besides quick and easy.

After starting the popper, I returned to the baby who had flung her spoon full of millet and applesauce onto the floor, naturally. A few bites in to the resumed feeding, I thought that maybe I should check on the popcorn, so I wandered over to the counter.

Something looked weird though. Inside the white bowl that was for catching flying popcorn, I saw little black things. I peered closer. Those were not just little black “things.”

They were little dead air-popped BUGS!

“What the H—???” was my first thought followed shortly by “ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh!!!!!”

Pulling out the power cord, I inspected the bowl in disbelief. Little black bugs had been blown out in the air popper. I was freaking out. Then I looked at the canister of popcorn kernels on the counter. I could see that the canister was crawling with LIVE BUGS. I thought the dead ones were bad enough. But these suckers were crawling around!

Ok, breathe, breathe…. avoid panicking. Baby starts squawking due to being ignored. I run into pantry to look in the bag of extra kernels (that wouldn’t fit in the canister). “Maybe I can use these kernels and still come through with bug-free popcorn?” I thought. No dice. Bugs there too.

More freaking out. I did what any person who wanted a bug-free home would do. I devised a plan to get the bugs out NOW. This plan involved a plastic bag and taking all the kernels, half-popped corn and all bugs outside to the trash.

Unfortunately, in my freak-out zone, I forgot one thing:

Hot kernels and plastic bag do not go well together.

I dumped the kernels from the popper into the plastic bag, breathing a sigh of relief, until I hear a few kernels hit the floor. Then an avalanche of unpopped popcorn is cascading down the cupboards and spraying all over the floor. The dog is eating frantically. I am FREAKING OUT. Now there are kernels and bugs EVERYWHERE.

Did I mention the baby is fussing? Did I mention my hair is still wet, no mascara, and I was supposed to leave 5 minutes ago?

Well, I eventually hatched plans B, C, & D which were much better than plan A. They involved a vacuum (sort-of fail), a hand broom (better) and a paper bag (win).

I successfully made it to Bible study. With my child, a bag of chips, and even some Valentine’s candy. And I had a lot of fun with the ladies and got to laugh about my morning. All in all, no one died (except bugs) and I’ll count it as a success. =)

Hope your morning started off better than mine did!!! LOL

Do you have a crazy morning or freaky bug story for me? Share in the comments below!

much love,

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1 Kara October 23, 2014 at 3:14 am

OMG, that is too funny. I can see it all now. It’s like something that happens in a sitcom or something! I’m glad you eventually got everything taken care of!


2 Heather November 25, 2014 at 6:41 pm

Thanks Kara! Ya it was totally crazy!


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