4 Keys to Successfully Completing a Project During Deployment

by Anderson on October 20, 2013

4 Keys to Successfully Completing a Project During Deployment


Have you ever tried completing a project around the house, and it totally flopped? Maybe you got halfway, and it’s still sitting there halfway done? That’s my laundry room… always about five or six projects taking up space on the counter. (And here I mean piles of mail, dirty laundry, and gifts I’m wrapping. The actual projects I want to do don’t always make it even as far as the counter!)

Despite my messy laundry room, I’ve been on a kick of fixing things and tackling house projects lately. Maybe it’s the change of season or trying to keep deployment from dragging too much. I’ve completed a few things and have some in progress that I am committed to finishing!

Here are four keys to completing a project even when hubby is away.

1- Be Prepared

One project is re-doing my lawn. No, I’m not a landscaper and I am actually a registered Black Thumb. But for some reason I thought the lawn was doable. I think what drove me to it was the visions of muddy paw prints all over my hardwood and my soon to be crawling baby. No thank you.

Preparation is the first key, because staring such a huge project with no supplies would instantly flop. But it applies to little projects too. You gotta know where you’re going and then figure out what you need to get there.

So, a little Google search, a trip to Home Depot, and a chat with my neighbor and I’ve got my supplies: Shovel, grass seeds (somewhat vital), peat moss, top soil ordered, and the other tools I could borrow from my neighbor. It took some effort to get everything lined up but it would be pointless to even start without the supplies. So don’t forget this step!


2- Get Help

I mentioned my neighbor above, and he was amazing. I am very blessed to have such generous neighbors. He and his wife are retired, so he was willing and available to help out. And he used to be a landscaper in college so he knew what to do. Score.

I really wanted to be hands on, but the reality was that if he didn’t help, I would have been sunk. Or at least it would have taken me 10x as long and my yard would have been much lower quality in the end.

Now, I know that as Navy wives, we can do amazing things on our own. And we are incredibly strong. But even super-heroes need a secret weapon. And my neighbor was mine. I was right there doing a ton of work until the baby woke up. While I fed her, he kept working. And he just knew exactly what to do.

Help on whatever projects you want to tackle can come in many forms… Google search, call a friend, use a reference book, whatever you need. Find your secret weapon and utilize it!

3- Stick It Out

This is where many projects go to die: in failing to stick it out and finish all the little details. For me with the yard, I am in the “stick it out” phase. I have to keep my dog off the lawn for about a month. This means walking her more or putting her in our side yard off of the garage.

Since I have an infant and hubby is not able to help out, even getting the dog out takes a few extra steps and I get bogged down sometimes. But we put too much work into the yard to ruin it now. The dog would really love to run around through that dirt too, but that will happen over my dead body!

Sometimes completing a project means cleaning up and getting the space back to normal (my laundry room is a bad example here!). Sometimes you have to wait a long time and other not long at all, but you still have to stick it out and complete it!


4- Enjoy the Benefits

The benefits of finishing a project can spur you on to complete it! Once it’s done, you get to enjoy the results of all your hard work.

I can’t wait to watch our grass sprout up and become our level, thick lawn. In the spring when Pippa can play in the yard and this winter when the dog isn’t tracking in mud everywhere, I will be so glad I did it! And through it all, an extra benefit is getting to know my neighbors better too.

I encourage you to take steps to tackle the projects you’ve been wanting to do. Be prepared, get help, stick it out and enjoy the benefits and satisfaction of a job well done!

What projects are you planning to complete in your current or next deployment? PS- you will have to stay tuned to my Facebook page to see the finished product when it finally grows! =)

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