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A Heart (and Care Package) Full of Love

It’s coming. You know, Valentine’s Day… that pink-and-red, heart-decorated, rosy bouquet-scented holiday that can make you feel blue when your Valentine isn’t around to celebrate it with you. How can you bridge the distance? Simply get out a box and some pink-and-red paper and get to work creating a sincere, personal, romance-filled care package for your loved one. Here is some inspiration to get you started.

How To Create The Perfect Valentines Day Care Package

Gather Your Thoughts

  • Choose a mood. Fun and funky. Racy and romantic. Sensibly sentimental. It’s up to you.
  • Choose a theme. Reds. Pinks. Shades of white. Strong. Funny. Inspirational. What speaks to you?
  • Choose your items. Keep your gifts in line with your mood and theme so that the package reads as a collection.

Decide on Your Gifts

  • Hearts. You will need lots and lots of hearts in a variety of sizes — whether they are made from paper, heart-shaped doilies, confetti or felt.
  • Flowers. Gather some pretty faux rose petals to sprinkle inside.
  • Kisses and Hugs. Xs and Os are a classic way to express your love, as are lip-shaped candies.
  • Photos. Pictures say a thousand “I love you”s. Even if you can’t be there in person, you can still make an appearance.
  • Chocolate. Sweet indulgences to a long way to showing how much you care.

Assemble Your Package

  • Idea #1: Wrap each item individually and write a number on them. On a separate sheet of notepaper, write out a clue about what’s inside each package. For example: 1) Something as sweet as you. 2) Something as warm as you. 3) Something as funny as you. Etc. Give instructions that each item is to be opened individually, to make it feel like a mini treasure hunt.
  • Idea #2: Fit everything together neatly into a heart-shaped basket and wrap it in clear cellophane. Create a card that says something like: It’s clear to see why I love you so much.
  • Idea #3: Create a mini photo album and put related items into your package. Print out photos of things you’ve done recently, or things you two have shared together that you look forward to being able to do again. For example, take a photo of your local movie theater or restaurant, or of you dropping off the kids at school, etc. Label each photo with a short message like, “I’m looking forward to sharing a bucket of popcorn with you again.” (Be sure to include some popcorn in your package… or a DVD, if possible.) “I can’t wait to steal a bite of Chicken Vindaloo off your plate!” (And tuck in a CD of Indian music.) And on and on.

The benefit of putting this much thought into a care package, of course, is that you get to relive special moments with your loved one — even if only in your mind — while you’re putting the package together.

Keeping your partner close in the form of objects that represent your relationship will make you feel like he or she is right there with you… and when they receive the gift from you, it will remind them of all the reasons they love you, too.

All that’s left is to have fun spreading the love around… and make sure you plan something special for yourself to do that day, too! Spa day, anyone?


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valentines day care package


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