Top 10 Absolute Best Restaurants In San Diego

by Heather on July 27, 2015

best restaurants in san diego Top 10 Absolute Best Restaurants In San Diego

I. Love. San Diego. SO MUCH!

And the food there is amazing. I think it might have to do with the fact that I got married on the San Diego Bay (in a boat), so everything about the area is super nostalgic.

When hubby and I got engaged, I was living in Portland Oregon, and he was stationed on the USS Ronald Reagan in San Diego. We had spent the past year visiting each other, but I wanted to live in the same city before we got married.

I got a roommate in Little Italy, and he lived on Coronado. Possibly the two best places in SD, but I might be biased. We spent a lot of time going on dates and eating out all over town, and we found the BEST restaurants in San Diego! Then we got married and had to say goodbye to the lovely city, as hubby was sent to Newport, RI.

We miss it so much and still go back to SD as much as possible. Today I’m giving you the top 10 absolute restaurants in San Diego– the ones I try to eat at EVERY time I’m back in town.

Here they are, in no particular order:

Amazing views, and delicious fresh food. C-Level is out on Harbor Island near the airport. It’s an upscale casual bar & grill atmosphere and is the more laid back counterpart to Island Prime, a delicious steakhouse. The views are to die for. The menu is unique, not just your every day grub. Yummy!

Island Pasta
Very tasty pasta on Coronado. This place is always hopping. I have a love/hate relationship with Island Pasta, because I learned it was where my dear hubby broke up with the girlfriend he had before he met me.

So in some ways, it’s awesome because when I met him, he was free and clear to date! And in some ways, it’s awkward to sit there and think about him dating someone else. Solution: i usually get take out LOL

Swaddee Thai
If you’re looking for amazing Thai, this is the place. Set back off of Orange Avenue (Coronado) a block or two, this unassuming restaurant is a big hit. Hubby used to live right down the street, so we would eat in or get take out quite often. Sweet staff and generous portions! Yellow curry is my fav. So good!

Miguel’s Cocina (Mexican)
If you like queso dip, Miguel’s is the ONLY place to go. The food is good, but the cheese dip is the BOMB. We crave it. If you went for margaritas and queso, no one would question you.

They even sell the queso in to-go containers to hoard in your hotel room and eat with your own chips. A few cartons of it have been known to make their way onto airplanes heading back from NAS North Island to NAS Whidbey after an SD trip, for those back home needing to satisfy their longing. It’s that good.

And they have 6 locations including Coronado, Old Town, and Point Loma.

Coronado Brewing Company
It’s a classic. Great beer, extensive menu, festive atmosphere and family friendly. Lines usually go out the door with people waiting on the sidewalk. Great all day with so many options. Plus it’s near the ferry landing so you can wander around that end of town if you need to kill time.

Farmer’s Market Crepes
One of our favorite things to do on a Saturday morning in San Diego was to hit up the Little Italy Farmer’s Market. My place was just a few blocks from the market, which was so fun. My roommate and I would head down, or I’d meet Adam there and we’d wander the stalls. We ALWAYS stopped at the crepe booth and got two crepes:–one savory and one sweet– to share. We also got fresh orange juice at a booth nearby.

Sitting in the sun on the curb was all part of the deal. The crepes are hosted by Fabrison’s Creperie, which has locations in little Italy and on Coronado, so if the curb is not your style, you can get a tasty meal with an actual table and chairs. But the farmer’s market is a unique experience so I highly recommend it!

Nobu Sushi
Ok so I know this is a global chain. But it is delish. And this one in particular has an awesome location and ambiance. They’re located downtown, just down the street from Petco Park, and on the edge of the Gaslamp District. They are home of hubby’s favorite spicy tuna rolls in all the world.

Filippi’s Pizza Grotto– 
This little pizza and Italian food joint is a treat. Another spot with lines out the door at night, so plan ahead for waiting. This place is family-owned and in a hip spot in the middle of Little Italy. Very friendly, fast and delicious!

Extraordinary Desserts
What’s dinner out without dessert? This place is pretty much all about sweets. They have a huge display case which acts as their menu for the night. You can walk along the case and take notes, then when you get seated you order from your list. Be sure to have a plan B in case something gets sold out.

The wait for a table can be really long so keep that in mind when deciding to go. It’s worth it though. A night at extraordinary desserts has a bustling downtown vibe and makes for a fun, relaxing evening with friends or family.

MooTime Creamery
If you need another dessert option besides the upscale “Extraordinary Desserts,” this is my other fav treat. MooTime is out on Coronado in two locations– Orange Ave and the Hotel Del Coronado. Ice cream is my favorite food so I would be leading you astray if I didn’t share the best ice cream shop! This is a marble slab style spot, with your pick of flavors and toppings which they smush together just for you.

Happy eating!



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