Happy Thanksgiving!

by Heather on November 26, 2014

IMG 6842 Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving


Hi! I’m sitting here reflecting on last Thanksgiving. It was a really fun time with my extended family. I was thankful to be at my parent’s house and have loved ones around.

The fact that hubby wasn’t there was a bummer, but excitement was bubbling because he was coming home the next week! Thanksgiving with my family was the last check box on a long list of deployment milestones– the last one until he came walking off that plane!

Holidays can be hard in the military. They’re often either leaving soon or gone, it seems, on the big days of our lives.

My heart goes out to you if you’re experiencing the disappointment of a holiday apart from your love. My heart is ever grateful for this year for my man being home with us. What a treat!

And yet there’s a tinge of sadness that now we are stationed thousands of miles from our families on this special holiday weekend. Emotions can be so tricky!

Joy and sadness often mingle together in the military life. They form a beautiful and challenging “tapestry.”

One thing I know is that military wives know how to appreciate it when their man is home. And that’s what we’re doing– we’re having a fun weekend away just the three of us– making new memories and cherishing being together!

I hope you have a wonderful day and weekend. I pray that you can spend it with loved ones and that you get to eat a LOT!

If you’re far from those you love, I pray that your heart is full knowing you are loved, and I hope you are reunited soon!



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