Blog Update

by Anderson on December 12, 2016

Hi! So it’s been forever since I’ve updated y’all on what is up with me, the fam and the blog.

First things first– Little Kate is doing so well!

She’s 13 weeks old, wearing 6 mo clothes, and sleeping well. She’s mello and sweet and her big sis adores her. We’ve had tons of family in town helping and hanging out with us so that’s been awesome.

I’ve been doing well-– I had an unexpected c-section so the recovery was longer and more challenging than I anticipated. But I’m getting back to normal. Cheers to all my fellow c-sectioners out there, this recovery is no joke! Everyone is healthy and that’s all we can ask for.

We just got our orders to move to San Diego— so pumped!!!

We’ll be sad to leave so many incredible friends, our church, hubby’s command and this neat area behind, but we can’t wait to get back to the west coast. Being closer to family and friends will be amazing!

I’m stepping back from the blog for this season– maybe longer.

I’ve taken breaks before but I’m feeling like this might be a permanent change. I’ve enjoyed blogging and connecting with the milspouse community– all of you– in this way. However in this season of life I am drawn in so many other ways and blogging has gone to the back burner.

The good thing is, since my Facebook page is not blog-specific, I’ll still be popping in there to chat, connect with you, and share helpful things I come across. So be sure to stop by!

Thanks for your support and friendship! I hope all is well with you!


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