natural deodorant 1024x782 Natural Deodorant: Making The Switch For Fertility

Natural Deodorant: Making The Switch For Fertility


Recently I changed deodorants. And when I say changed, I don’t mean I just changed brands or smells or went from gel to solid. I should really say that I changed from an anti-perspirant to a true “deodorant.” I changed in order to help my chances of conceiving a baby.

Here’s how it went down and why:

I had been curious about natural deodorant for quite a while as to whether I should switch from my big name brand. I’ve always been pleased with my deodorant based on its scent and ability to do it’s job, but I was concerned about the toxins. To be honest I hadn’t taken a close look at the label (shame on me!) so I was blissfully unaware of one bad offender– parabens!

I am very interested in NOT being the “smelly girl.” So, changing to a natural deodorant has been something I’ve avoided because I feared that I would indeed smell awful for the rest of my life.

The kicker came when I read this awesome article by Kris Carr called the Natural Deodorant Smackdown

For The Sake Of My Fertility

I learned that at least one, if not more of the chemicals in “normal” deodorant can be endocrine disrupting. In other words, it messes with your hormones. As someone who has been hormonely challenged for pretty much my whole life, I really do not need more help in fouling things up. I realized that I needed to bite the bullet and change over.

In case you didn’t read Kris Carr’s arcticle, I’ll explain briefly the difference between anti-perspirant and natural deodorant:

Anti-perspirant works against your body’s natural systems (sweating) and blocks the skin’s ability to perspire using chemicals. The idea is that if you don’t sweat, it won’t stink.

Non-toxic natural deodorant allows your skin to sweat but it blocks & masks the affects of the bacteria that forms due to sweat. The bacteria is the cause for the bad smell– B.O. or body odor.

The Ultimate Test

Now here’s where my sneaky nature came into play. To put my switch to the test, I ordered some Arbonne deodorant. It’s called Pure Mint and is paraben free, aluminum free, and has mint (duh) and extracts from white tea, ginger, lemongrass, sage and tea tree. Anyway, I didn’t tell hubby that I was switching. I figured if I told him, he would worry that he would have the “smelly wife” and he would pay very close attention to how I smelled. Then he would request I had went back to “real” deodorant.

I had heard that the worst you smell when you switch is the first two weeks, because your body is detoxing from the chemicals. So I wanted to see if he would notice.

But he didn’t notice!

After about two weeks, I asked him if he noticed me smelling bad or even differently. He said he hadn’t noticed anything. Score! I then told him of my switch. He took it positively. I also said that I had been wearing more perfume to cover any bad smell, and he realized had noticed that. He wondered why I was wearing perfume with my sweat pants lol. But I figure it’s a good thing!

And actually, I wasn’t wearing loads of perfume or wearing it at all times, but I did if I was going out.

Anyway, so I felt like my test was successful if the closest person to me who has opportunity to smell me all the time didn’t think I stunk. So I made the switch permanent. I feel so good about finally doing it and I’m glad I’m eliminating one more source of toxins in my body. I also figure that this elimination of the extra hormone disruptions can only help in the fertility department. =)

For more info on my fertility story and toxins go here




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